MELBOURNE: 6 August 2023 - our pets (see second post)

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Melbourne
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Collins Place food court, 45 Collins St, Melbourne
:calendar: DATE: Sunday, 6 August 2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 2 - 4 pm


We thought it would be fun to create a card to celebrate all our pets. See the second post for details.


Collins Place , 45 Collins St Melbourne. Very close to Parliament Station, and the 11, 12, 35, 48 and 109 trams all stop close by.

Meet in the downstairs food hall. We will be sitting near the juice shop, close to the Exhibition Street entrance.

Bring along anything fun you’ve received that you’d like to show off - new maxicards, nice cancellations, rare countries, etc.


Please bring along a couple of blank cards to add to our prize pool, and we will have a raffle amongst everyone who attends.


I will organise a meet up card for the day, for the cost of printing (around 50 cents each, to be confirmed). No need to pre-order. I’ll update once the card design is finalised.

Anyone else is welcome to do one too.


Please RSVP in the comments below or by message to me.


Here’re the meet up cards.


If you want to swap for this card, please post in the thread with your offer, and any of our members who are interested can contact you.

Please check the postal monitor here to make sure Australia can send to your country and vice versa.


I couldn’t come to the meetup last week because I was picking up a new puppy so of course I will send a picture to have him on the card what a cool idea!!


Perfect! Can’t wait.

:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:I will try all my best to attend with my pug stamp!!!


I don’t have any pets but I will be there to check out everyone’s :stuck_out_tongue:

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We have pets, I’ll see if I can get a photo of them from my mum to be put on a postcard. I would love to come talk postcrossing! It’ll be my first meetup c:


university finally ended for me. yes i will be there

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I’ll be there :relaxed:

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Hi Helen! I love your idea. I’m new to postcrossing but loving it. I’d love to join you on your meetup and have attached a photo of little Sherlock, the malshi! I am told by administrators that new users can only add one.

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He’s lovely, and looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks.

Your trust levels in the forum level up pretty quickly, just by browsing around and posting a few replies, so you will be able to do more in here before too long.

I’ll be attending this meet up.

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Just realised I hadn’t officially RSVPed. I’ll be there, and so will Steph :slight_smile:

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I think you might have in a message, and I missed adding you to the list.

Helen, thanks for your email. I’d love to come to one of your Melbourne meet ups before I try one in Sydney. I will see if I can possibly get to Melbourne for 6/8??? not sure that is possible - but will keep an eye out for future dates that you may organise.
I love your idea of a 1 Oct meet up but I will be overseas…

thanks again

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You are very welcome if you can make it down!

Can’t wait to attend my first meet up. I planned to attend the previous one but couldn’t. But this time I’m coming .
Ps: Say Hi to my baby - Millie


Hi everyone, Along with snail mailing I am an avid op shopper. I pick up any mail related books and have a couple to loan. I already own these books but pick up duplicates to share.
If you are coming to the meet up and would like to borrow one of these please let me know.
Maybe they can be shared around the group? They could be exchanged between meet ups.

Snail Mail - Rediscovering the Art and Craft of Handmade Correspondence by Michelle Mackintosh
Snail Mail reintroduces the lost pleasure and art of personal correspondence, beautiful presentation, and manners to today’s world of instant communication. In a world of 140-character limits, Snapchats, text-speak, and internet trolls, are we losing the ability to really communicate with our loved ones. Snail Mail aims to bring back handwritten communication—and more—in one beautifully illustrated and perfectly proper little package. Inspired by Japanese stationery and letter-writing culture, Michelle Mackintosh introduces the reader to the charm of the handwritten letter, personalized packages, and handcrafted stationery. Beautifully illustrated and complete with cutout postcard designs, papercraft, and rubber stamp templates, Snail Mail is full of equally useful and whimsical advice, like how to say thank you in a letter and other old-school etiquette; how to take time and reflect on your life through writing; how to improve and celebrate your own handwriting; how to make your own paper; how to romance someone the old-school way; how to make pen friends and DIY beautiful invitations for any occasion. It’s time to take back the written word!

The Address Book - What Street Addresses Reveal About Identity, Race, Power and Wealth by Deidre Mask

When most people think about street addresses, if they think of them at all, it is in their capacity to ensure that the postman can deliver mail or a traveler won’t get lost. But street addresses were not invented to help you find your way; they were created to find you. In many parts of the world, your address can reveal your race and class. In this wide-ranging and remarkable book, Deirdre Mask looks at the fate of streets named after Martin Luther King Jr., the wayfinding means of ancient Romans, and how Nazis haunt the streets of modern Germany. The flipside of having an address is not having one, and we also see what that means for millions of people today, including those who live in the slums of Kolkata and on the streets of London. Filled with fascinating people and histories, The Address Book illuminates the complex and sometimes hidden stories behind street names and their power to name, to hide, to decide who counts, who doesn’t―and why.

I would love to borrow that first one! The advice sounds rather interesting :open_mouth:

Sure, I’ll bring it along.