MELBOURNE: 4 February 2024 - Lunar New Year

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Melbourne
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Collins Place food court, 45 Collins St, Melbourne
:calendar: DATE: Sunday, 4 February 2024
:alarm_clock: TIME: 2 - 4 pm


Collins Place, 45 Collins St Melbourne. Very close to Parliament Station, and the 11, 12, 35, 48 and 109 trams all stop close by.

Meet in the downstairs food hall. We will be sitting near the juice shop, close to the Exhibition Street entrance.

Bring along anything fun you’ve received that you’d like to show off - new maxicards, nice cancellations, rare countries, etc.


If you are interested in trading cards, bring along whatever you have to swap.


Please bring along a couple of blank cards to add to our prize pool, and we will have a raffle amongst everyone who attends.


I will organise a meet up card for the day, for the cost of printing (around 50 cents each, to be confirmed). I’ll update once the card design is finalised.

Anyone else is welcome to do one too.



Here are the meet up cards.


If you want to swap for this card, please post in the thread with your offer, and any of our members who are interested can contact you.

Please check the postal monitor here to make sure Australia can send to your country and vice versa.

The first two cards show photos of Dai Gum Loong, the dragon, in Bendigo. Second two are illustrations.


I’ll be there!

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Ooh, I’ll be there too!

I’ll be there again :smiley:

I’ll be there. Thanks Helen.

I’ll be there :smiling_face:

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I’ll be there. Thanks :blush:

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I’ll be there for the meetup!

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I’ll be there! :blush:

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I will be there! :postbox::postbox:

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I’ll be there :v:

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The cards are fantastic!


Hello I would like to swap something for the illustrated postcards ( both of them ) .

Since everyone has different preference regarding postcards I would like to hear what you like in return since I didn’t upload all postcards I have on flikr
Thank you

@chaosnoneko I can send you these cards. I’d like any card of a cat or any other bird or animal. I only need one card in return.

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I would like to swap!

My swap album

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:sob:I saw some pug card I really love, but I think Australia post suspend all the mail to Russia (correct me if I am wrong):pleading_face::frowning:

Australia > Russia is still suspended, but you can send to someone in Germany and they can send on. I have German stamps and can bring a couple for you on Sunday. We’ll work it out (you can’t miss out on a pug!).

@helent thank you! :blush:

@anon90270273 check pm please

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Unfortunately, I do not have friends who now live in other countries, but if you have such acquaintances, I will be glad to swap