Meetup Schedules

I have a question regarding the displayed times at meet up schedules.

I just created a new meetup topic and I see a wrong time.

The meetup starts at 5 PM, not at 3 PM. I chose the correct timezone which is the same I’m currently in. So I’m a bit confused right now. @meiadeleite I know you tested a lot with the timezone settings. Can you please advise? Thanks!

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Timezones are always such a pain :weary: Let’s see if we can untangle this.

There’s two hours mentioned: one for the start of the meeting (18:00), and one for the ending (15:00). You’re saying the start date is incorrect, and it should be 5pm — is that right?

Start should be 5 PM (shows 3 PM for me in the topic and 6 PM in the calendar) and End should be 1 PM (I can’t see an end time, neither in the topic nor the calendar). UTC +2

Here’s the topic: 3. Niedersachsenmeeting 23.7.- 25.7.2021 Osnabrück - Rulle

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This is strange, because I don’t see that in the screenshot you posted above — it says it starts on 23 July 18:00 and ends at 25 July 15:00.

Can you screenshot where you see the event starting at 3pm? :thinking: Are we perhaps interpreting these numbers differently?

I’m sorry, I totally scrambled the times. :see_no_evil: Should concentrate more!

Let’s start over (I was told we may arrive one hour earlier…)

This is what I want it to show:

This is shown:

It’s one hour too late. And I’m living in the same time zone, so it should be shown correct to me. Or is it because we are at normal time right now? But the meet up will be at summer time.

Yes, and no… Let me test this a bit further, and I’ll get back to you.

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Thank you!

Ok, so, loooots of testing later, we’ve found and reported the bug, which has to do with the (lack of) compatibility between the events plugin and the stable version of Discourse, which is the one we’re currently using. Paulo will try to do some magic to revert what broke this, but it’ll require a restart, so we’ll try to do it later in the day when there are less people online. I’ll let you know how it goes!


Thank you! Good job finding the culprit that fast :slight_smile:

Could I trouble you to update the time settings now? I think that restart might have done the trick. :crossed_fingers:

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There was a little change (it shows GMT +1 now)

But the result is still the same:

Mmm… Could you perhaps create a new test meetup from scratch, using your intended times and choosing the right timezone, to see if that fixes it? :thinking:

It’s the same: Test-Meetup

Can you please delete the test topic after checking? Thanks :blush:

Sooo… more testing back and forth, and I think I stumbled on the culprit:

Both of these meetings were set up to start at 7pm and ending at 8pm the next day — the difference is that the second one happens during summer time, and that seems to screw up the timezones.

Sadly, the people who maintain this plugin are deprecating it in favor of Discourse’s own native support of events, so I don’t think they will care to fix this bug. For now, I would suggest making the settings in the meeting one hour earlier, so that the right time is shown — hopefully when Discourse’s events are here, we’ll be able to migrate all events to the new feature, and get rid of this issue.

Sorry for the not-very-satisfying solution, @Cassiopheia. :weary:

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Thank you so much for all the testing and advise. It’s really appreciated.
When the time is changed in spring the meet-up will show correctly? Then it’s fine… people always arrive at very different times at that meet up, so it really doesn’t matter too much. (The text mentions the earliest arrival time).

I have no idea… I think it’s hard to say what will happen. :sweat_smile: Also, I don’t know if by then we will have switched to Discourse’s implementation of events, as it will depend on how complete it’ll be at that time. Right now it’s not very complete, but maybe by then we’ll be able to switch to it and get rid of this pesky bugs.

For now, making the time clear on the topic itself might be the best idea.

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