Meeting in Vevey - 15.04.2023

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Vevey
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Front of the train station
:calendar: DATE: 15.04.2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: Meetup at 11:30-12:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

11:30 - 12:00 Meetup in front of the train station
Walk from the train to the lake through the town’s center (postcard shop Balthazar)

From 13:15 Le Café littéraire

Brunch options + a few other dishes
Chatting and signing of postcards of course !

[A meetup card will be designed]

30 participants max (could be extended)

  1. sarasweetz
  2. mrsmon
  3. thibcabe
  4. Kayoshi
  5. ecchymoses
  6. travel_reflection
  7. thstreit
  8. stellina96
  9. Tuefeli_7_7 1
  10. Tuefeli_7_7 2
  11. Carole1991
  12. Regy-CH
  13. RitaC
  14. Haida
  15. Gene 1
  16. Gene 2
  17. Sennar
  18. Christophe95
  19. loeckli
  20. poissonrouge

If you want to join, please DM me and include your email + your postal address. You can also add how many meeting cards you’d like.

Our meeting card made by @kayoshi looks like this !

You can order by writing me a private message.
The price per card will depend on the number of ordered cards, surely 50 cents or less.
We’ll be able to mail them to you if you pay the delivery.


Enfin! Merci pour l’organisation @thibcabe Je serai de la partie.


hello, I would also like to join the meeting! I will came back to you regarding meeting cards later


Put me on the list, too :slight_smile: I’ll be there even I’m a Suisse-Allemand :joy:


Je peux venir si je trouve une baby-sitter pour mes 14 animaux.
Je te ferai savoir le plus vite possible .
Merci beaucoup pour l’organisation!

PS: Je serai très heureuse de commander des cartes :slight_smile:

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Ich bin auch gerne dabei


Here is our lovely meeting card made by @kayoshi !
Please order by private message to me.
The price per card will depend on the numbers of ordered postcards.

Orders for now :

  • Regy-CH (20 cards)
  • stellina96 (40 cards)
  • Carole1991 (25 cards)
  • PasoDoble (50 cards)
  • AgnesTR (15 cards)
  • sarasweetz (20 cards)
  • MisterPouf (15 cards)
  • Sausi (15 cards)
  • travel_reflection (15 cards)
  • tuefeli_7_7 (20 cards)
  • ecchymoses (10)
  • Gene (10)
  • pmsobon (10)
  • Sennar (10)
  • Christophe95 (10)
  • thstreit (20)
  • Haida (20)
  • Chicken-in-a-Box (20)
  • poissonrouge (30)
  • loeckli (30)

Merci pour l’organisation. Je me réjouis de participer , ce sera le 1er Meeting pour moi :slight_smile:
@thstreit Und ich spreche ein wenig Deutsch :slight_smile:

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For those that have not ordered postcards but would like to, please contact @sarasweetz :slight_smile:

love to swap

loeckli : Bitte setz mich mal auf die Teilnehmerliste. Melde mich wieder für Karten und definitive Antwort. Es wird mein erstes Meetup sein.


Hello! I would lo the card, is anyone up for a swap¿??

Hi all, I’m interested in swap.

hello! :smiling_face:
we have a twin meetup at Rio de Janeiro, same day as yours. would you like to swap our meetup postcards?

event link:
[15 April 2023 - Coffee Meetup in Rio de Janeiro/RJ]
postcard photo:


Hello! I’d like to ask is it possible to swap this card? Best, Joanna

Ich freue mich auf Vevey. Frohe Ostern!

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After the meeting I gladly swap with those who asked. We will still have a lot of cards left.
You can send me your addresses by private message.

I would like to join as well :slight_smile:

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Hello Owmiall,

E uma boa idea! o vosso postal e muito engracado! Como fazemos, voce envia me o seu endereco? e eu envio o meu?

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hello msmon!
que legal você também saber português! e sim! vou te enviar uma mensagem direta, ok? bjss