Meet up at the Newcastle Stamp and Coin Expo, May 28, 2022

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Newcastle, NSW
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Newcastle Showground Exhibition Centre, at the entrance to the exhibition.
:calendar: DATE: 28th May 2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11am
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: At this stage we are looking at meeting on the Saturday morning, around 11am. We can check out the expo and write some postcards.

Hello! Just wanted to see if there would be any interest in a Postcrossing meetup at the Newcastle Stamp and Coin Expo, to be held in May 2022 (postponed from October 2021). I haven’t attended such an event before, but thought it may be a good chance to meet other Postcrossers (if there are any other Postcrossers in the Newcastle area?!).

Please reply if you’d be interested!



:tired_face:…I have two things planned for next year. Just two things. And one of them is on this exact weekend. Otherwise I’d have done everything in my power to be there. I hope you have lots of other takers! :crossed_fingers:t2:

I am interested and could do any day that weekend. Thank you for organising this.

Hello! At this stage it looks like it’s just the two of us :joy: but hopefully we get some more interest in the next few months!

Let’s hope some more people see the original post.

Hello Gabby, I’d be interested to join you! :smiley:

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Hi Gabby,
There is also Leanne who is interested in coming. She lives in Goulburn.

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I’m interested


I live close to sydney


Hello Gabby, I live in Newcastle and would be super interested! (:


Hi …I am planning to be there for the Stamp Show so be great to meet up . Some of the exhibits will be featuring postcards and historical use. Based in Sydney so either day on the weekend works

Thank you everyone for your interest.
I have contacted the organisers to let them know that we are planning to hold a meetup.
At this stage we are looking at meeting on the Saturday morning, around 11am. We can check out the expo and write some postcards.

I am also going to look into getting some meetup postcards printed. Is this something others would be interested in?

I am working on getting the status of the meetup changed so that it is official rather than ‘Incomplete’. Please bear with me a this is my first time organising a meet up!


I will be there :grinning:

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Hi. Im in Newcastle and planning/hoping to be there. Do I need to bring anything (like postcards?!)

Dorothy Arms

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Hi Dorothy,

Great, can’t wait to meet you there! Feel free to bring postcards to be signed & sent from the expo. I will have a heap of my own designs that I am also happy to share.


Hi! I’m very new to Postcrossing (I’ve only sent out five postcards so far!), but I’d love to come and meet with some local people who’ve probably been doing this a lot longer than I have. Is there anything important I need to know about meetups to prepare for beforehand? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello, and welcome to Postcrossing! There’s not much you need to know before the Meetup, just bring some postcards if you’d like them signed by the other Meetup participants, and be prepared to sign some of other people’s postcards as well!

See you there,


Would love to swap a Brisbane, Australia Meetup card with one of yours.
Thanks in advance
Bridget Larsen
P O Box 1018
Macleay Island QLD 4184

i really hope i can make it :slight_smile: did you end up getting postcards printed for the event?

I didn’t get a chance to print Meetup cards, after moving interstate on short notice instead :joy: But I do have some Newcastle Postcrossing cards that I have made in the past that I am happy to share.

Hopefully I will see you next week!

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That is now problem. I am looking forward to meeting everyone :grinning: