Maximum card

Recently I received a nice card, with two enlarged Danish stamps of a composer and a choreographer. Also the two issued stamps were places and canceled. So a maximum card.

I knew nothing about either of them. Jacob Gade turned out to be a violinist and a composer. His most famous composition Jealousy is a Tango that I recognized from when I danced the Tango myself. And I thought that was an Argentinian; turns out to be a Dane! Video

A. Bournonville appears to have died in the year Jacob Gade was born. Hence, this issue in 1979. Canceled on May 22, 1981 on the occasion of the International Stamp Exhibition in Vienna, WIPA 1981.

And all shipped from Lithuania in 2021!


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I don’t make them myself. The Dutch post doesn’t make them either at this moment, as far as I know. :wink: That’s why I find it special to receive one

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