Maxi cards

What are maxi cards and where can you buy them? I looked at the usps site and they don’t sell them at all.

Yes, that’s true! I had the same question when I first discovered them on Postcrossing, since I’d never seen them in daily life before.

Lots of country’s postal systems make and sell them, but the USPS does not. You can buy other country’s maxi cards on ebay, Etsi, or some stamp dealers (check online). Or you can do trades here on Postcrossing for them. Some are beautiful, some are mundane.


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yes and the different. Taiwan makes cards from the stamps and calls them maxicards but most postcrosser consider the card to have the canceled stamp on it to be maxicards

here is a Postcrossing blog post about them.

Not all countries issue them. But you can all make them by yourself if you have a card thats picture site fits the stamp and even better with special postmark.

Google Photos
this is for example one I made myself


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It seemed Australia is perhaps the country with the most maxicards, but it’s a bit difficult to find them in the post-offices in case you’re looking for a special one…

If you are looking for maxi cards, I sometimes see them being sold in tourist or gift shops. That might be a good place to look?

I know usps don’t make maxicard anymore but you can make your own.

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Thank you .