Matching cards : would you send them? do you like them?

A few years ago in our country there was a popular seria of cards with Damavik by Alena Uglyanitca.
And some of those card were special - if a frame on the card is not completed than there is the other card that matches it - such kind of card puzzle. But each of the cards is a full-sized postcard.

two matching cards

four matching cards

  1. I wonder if you have cards seria in your country with same characteristic. Could you please share it.
  2. Also imagine please that you have several cards with such characteristic and answer:
  • Would you send them one per recipient or you’ll send at least two matching cards?
  • Would you inform your recipient about this characteristic of cards?

Update from 03/03/2021: similar cards used to be named - INSTALLMENT, INSTALLMENT Puzzle cards, INSTALLMENT postcard sets

  1. Certainly never heard of this concept before. :open_mouth:
    Cool idea. Do they also do this with tourist cards in your country?

  2. It dpends. Offering them in direct swaps, I guess, I’d point out their special nature - but sending them as regular postcrossing cards, I’d leave it to another member to maybe surprise the addressee with another card from the same set… :slight_smile:

@Ludek seems, this was the idea realized by only one artist in Belarus that worked on postcards, and I can’t recollect any other postcard seria in Belarus with maching cards.
Damavik seria contains one more stripe of four matching cards.

In Germany there’s cards from the kid’s TV show “Die Sendung mit der Maus” (The Show with the Mouse ) that uses several cards to create one character. The mouse was split into four cards: ears, face, body and legs. I think it would be quite weird to receive a card with just the legs, for example. :sweat_smile:


I think the set for the elephant was one card for the front with the head and one card for the back part.


Oh! This is all so great! It is like with stamps, sometimes I have received an envelope from someone who uses an entire stamp set, with frames, of something I have only seen one stamp from before. It is like having your eyes opened! I would love to receive these cards if they were all there. If not, maybe if the person explained (“here are the legs of the beloved German cartoon character Die Maus. Unfortunately, I no longer have her body or head, they were published twenty years ago and this is all that is left…”)

I think people left with the back end of an elephant could send them to certain American profiles…


There is also a set like that of “Sandmännchen”





@angeleye @Feuerstuhl with such cards it can be a funny warming up activity for the lesson on World Postcard Day or postcrossers meet-up : spread between participants number of details and offer them to exchange to get the whole set :slight_smile:

I finally found the rest part of Damavik cards - 4 cards that build an endless stripe due to end card can be placed in the beginning of the card chain


@ColorfulCourtney I got into same trap with pidifrk cards in Czech Republic . They have a project with 707 of matching cards, those cards are like bigger size regular postcards. And they are funny touristic cards that are sold in info centers, but in each center you can buy only several cards of nearby region.
So that in Stare Splavy I bought cards of StareSplavy, Doksy, and Bezdez - as I visited them all and those three make a stripe, but next day we went further and visited Kokorin - when we returned to tour base I went to info center again and bougt the rest card with Kokorin - and that was my fail, now my card stripe turned into “T” letter :upside_down_face: . To make it rectangle 2*3 - I need Libechov and Mlada Boleslav.
For all interested in pidifrk I leave here the link to their matrix page - but be pepared to wait and reload several pictures manually


When each card is an image itself (as your examples) I would send them, for those where it isn’t (like the ones from Germany) I won’t.


I just saw this style of card on Etsy! Will have to find a link.
I would probably only use these for a regular pen pal so the recipient could eventually get them all, but stagger when I send them.


There were a set of 3 postcards of the Eiffel Tower in Paris (top, middle, bottom) that I sent to Indonesia. I think only the top and bottom arrived :slightly_frowning_face:

Was it one of Marie-Anne Foucart’s square postcards ?




No, it was a dramatic photograph, sunset clouds, really spectacular.
But those Foucart cards are gorgeous!

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@honzuki thank you for sharing Marie-Anne Foucart’s square postcards they are wonderful.

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I agree with @Cassiopheia. If the image on the card can stand alone (like yours), I’d be okay sending just one to a recipient.

But if they need the other cards to make sense (like the German mouse or Sandmännchen), I would wait until I found someone to trade the whole set with. @KathrynNash’s idea about using those cards for penpals is perfect, in my opinion.

Yes, because if they love the card, then I think they would be happy to know there are more like them out there, in case they want to collect them. If it were me, I would appreciate the heads up.


These cards look like so much fun! But with 707 cards…it would probably break my heart if I couldn’t complete the whole set.


@xxiiangel agree to you, perhaps,I would never have bought them if I knew that they are 707, I thought it is a kind of regional map and in Stary Splavy only hotel service representatives know English or Russian, all the rest spoke only Czech and German, and some asian languages. But at least now I know about this project.

I proceed the investigation for such cards and found one vintage example with Chicago:

and some folded panorama postcards from different countries

Incredible concept.
I’ve never seen matching postcards like this before.

However, would be weird to receive the middle part, not knowing there are more cards in order to get the full image. I think it would work perfectly for a game, lottery.

Not the same thing, but years ago a friend who knows I love postcards, sent me 7 cards from Italy as a “puzzle”. The thing is to get the whole message he wrote, I needed to get the 7, and order them using some arrows we drew on the backside. It was pretty funny, because he sent them all together but I received them with weeks of difference :sweat_smile: