Matching cards : would you send them? do you like them?

@Saouri thank you for sharing your variant of postcard “puzzle” - I can’t imagine what would happen if in the middle of gathering such cards puzzle one got lost due to postal services unavailability like it often happened in 2020.

Today I found a proper english word how those matching cards like mouse and Sandmännchen are named - they are INSTALLMENT or INSTALLMENT Puzzle Postcards, and since the moment today when I had found it I was able to find many vintage variants of such cards, unfortunately no modern cards were found by the word INSTALLMENT maybe it is not is use for now


This is new for me!
What an wonderful concept.
Would love to have them, to mail them…

Thanks for sharing, @Lunushka


Yes, I can’t even think about it. Happily for me, it was like in 2015.
But now, is a lottery to send mail.
Last year, small parcels to friends in UK and Sweden arrived after 4 and 6 weeks travelling. Sent from Spain, which is my country of residence.

For not to mention, since I came back to Postcrossing in September 2020, I have received only 1 official card (and I’ve sent about 3 to 5, all of them have been already registered).

Well, it happened - being a fan of such “matching” or installment cards in April I’ve receved a card that combines several interesting characteristics - it is the left one in pair of cards making the picture and it has imprinted stamp that makes it a kind of maxicard, and correspondent stampsheet consists of 3 parts.
And I noticed it just today when I started uploading cards recieved in April) and decided to search for what is that strange “Ceneri 2020” means

Details on those postcards are available on the official page of swiss post

and now ( Thank you @LindaJ so much) I have both of them


One more example of installment cards - this time cards are from postcrosser’s meetup the photo from the lucky recepient


Today I received the fresh installment cards, even maxicards as these were issued with same pictures to stamps

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I absolutely love this kind of cards, and would send them, if I had any.

In November, I received two postcards in an envelope which together depicted one painting:

I had been happy even receiving just one of the cards, but together they are just gorgeous!


That’s a great card! Thank You for sharing it!

The US post office used to issue packs of postcards that made up a scene such as fish in the ocean or animals in a big forest. There is 1 card that shows the whole picture and 10 cards that offer just a small piece. I get the packs from ebay and send them out occasionally. There are matching stamps too but I rarely seem to have those on hand!


They look like mini-sheet or a stamps block - they even contain the nominal of the stamp. Thank you for sharing them!

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I’ve always thought that this set of vintage Napoleon postcards was very impressive.


I hope the postcard makers will think about it. That would be fine. Thanks for the interesting topic.

In Spain they do, specially with cost line landscapes.

I sent all this set, however, only this bit remains in my wall.


Just one more example Two meetup cards from St.Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don



Hey, this august expected to be celebrated with vacation seria of meetups and cards can be gathered into the line!

This year already 2 postcrossers in Belarus reported that they have already gathered the whole set of 3 KFC cards Christmas 2023, and the best thing about these postal cards - they are also installment cards!

Moreover - they reminded that previous year Christmas cards were also installment cards.

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These are really cute :slight_smile: