March 30, 2024 San Diego, CA meetup

:world_map: CITY/REGION: San Diego, California
:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Scripps Miramar Ranch Library, 10301 Scripps Lake Drive, San Diego, CA 92131
:calendar: DATE: Saturday March 30
:alarm_clock: TIME: 1:30pm
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:
:point_up: Please make sure to read the Meetup Guidelines before signing up for a meetup.

Hello everyone,
join us for a meetup in San Diego on Saturday March 30th.

We’ll meet in the community room across the central courtyard opposite the main info desk.
RSVP is required, please reserve your spot as soon as you know you can come by commenting below or clicking the Going button above.

Parking: Part of the library’s parking lot is closed off for construction. If the on-site parking lots are full, off-site parking is available along Meanley Drive, which is located to the south of the Library, or alternatively along Red Cedar Drive, which is located to the east of the Library.

Park along the street at the end of Meanley Drive, near the circle (continuing past the circle will take you away from the library). You may also park in a city lot that can be reached by turning right as soon as you reach the circle at the end of Meanley Drive. A short walk along a paved walkway will take you up a gentle hillside to the library.

Meetup postcard:
Have you heard the local tale of Bum the dog? He came as a stowaway on a boat from San Francisco on July 3, 1886 and chose San Diego as a home. He became a famous well-loved roving dog, bumming food from local eateries, wandering the city crossing neighborhood and social barriers. He became San Diego’s official town dog and when the city started registering dogs, gave him a lifetime dog tag and put Bum’s picture on the dog license receipts in 1891.

We’ll have Bum illustrated by talented Blanka Tomsova printed on a 5x7 meetup postcard.

The cost will be 28 cents per card, orders are open until March 16. After orders close, first come first served basis for the extra cards I’ll have left.
edit 3/23: all extra cards have been claimed. I ordered some more, but the cost will be 54 cents from now on.
You don’t have to purchase meetup postcards to participate, you’re welcome to bring any other postcard you want to have signed by the meetup attendees or just come to socialize and talk.

In the past, we have allowed an unlimited number of cards to be circulated for signatures. However, as our group grows in number, that approach is no longer practical. Most participants circulate 10 to 30 cards for group signatures, and we want to encourage those numbers! For those Postcrossers who typically send around a higher number of meetup cards, we ask that this time you be more judicious in the number of cards you’re asking to be signed. Limiting the number of signed cards to 50 per person means that everyone’s cards will be full of signatures, and everyone will be able to experience a fun and easy meetup without the added stress of signing too many cards. You are welcome to order and send as many meetup cards as you’d like, but plan on 50 max at this point for actual signing.

Payment instructions (via venmo or paypal) will be specified later once the total cost is confirmed. Cash (exact change) payment at the meetup possible.

Game and activity

Jennifer @JenniferKG prepared a new game for us to play at the meetup and together with Sue @Suegathman will also have an awesome activity set up - you can learn to make your own wooden postcard!

A separate sign-up for this activity is necessary, so we have enough supplies (depending on the number of people interested, sign-up for wood postcard making may close any time without warning).

You’d need to bring your favorite image printed with a LASER printer on a white plain paper, inkjet printer will not work (places like FedEx or Staples should have laser printers). Anything with words needs to be mirrored. Max size 6x4 inches, it’s good to have the image a little oversized where you don’t need all little details around the borders. Limit one wood card per person.

What to optionally bring:

  • username rubber stamp if you have one (the smaller the better, self-inking tend to dry quickly preventing ink smudging) or pens to sign postcards

  • postcards/stickers/washi tapes or whatever you want to share. There will be a Trash and treasure box. Your unwanted postcards may be someone else’s treasure.

  • postcards, homemade card, mailart or other relevant items to show&tell

  • snacks/drink for you or to share. Plates, cups, cutlery, napkins will be provided

  • contributions to game prizes are welcome (please let me know if you decide to bring a prize so we have an idea how many we have)

I’m happy to answer questions if you have any, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Looking forward to seeing you at the meetup!


wooden postcard making activity sign-up:

  1. @SonaliS
  2. @marora
  3. @PostPanda
  4. @Ehuuuuu
  5. @Lesliejean
  6. @fisip1
  7. @ohhsayy
  8. @zipfoil
  9. @no0prob
  10. @JaneInSD
  11. @StephSD
  12. @cielobasty
  13. @cbange
  14. @kanosis
  15. @lesmen
  16. @veronometry

I would like to attend the Meetup - put me down for an RSVP for 1, please! And I will buy 50 cards. Thank you!

I will be leading the activity! Please bring your favorite image, printed out with a LASER PRINTER that uses a toner cartridge. (A printout using an inkjet printer will not work.) If your image has words, be sure to print out a MIRRORED image. Your image can be in color or black and white - that’s your choice! One image per person. Maximum size 4x6, though you may want to enlarge it just slightly for purposes of this activity. See you all in March! :slight_smile:

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@marora : Please sign me up for the meetup. I’d like 10 cards, please.

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How fun. I can’t wait! :slightly_smiling_face: I would like to RSVP please (1). Thank you, @JenniferKG @suegathman for the fun games! Look forward to seeing everyone.
Also, I would like 20 cards please. Thanks!

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@JenniferKG and @suegathman : Please sign me up for both your activities. I’m looking forward to the fun you’ve planned for us.

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Put down Jay Johnson, :face_with_head_bandage:Nora Johnson, and one more person, Suleika. Nora is creating postcards in Photoshop to put her graphic design education to work.

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I would like 25 cards for the meetup. This will be a new location for me but I can make it. See you next month!


Yay! 50 cards for me.

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Woo hoo! Excitedly looking forward to our meetup.:tada::blush:
RSVPing for one.

I’d like 100 meetup cards, please.

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I’d like 10 meetup cards please :slight_smile: Around what time will the meetup end? Thank you!

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I’m planning to start cleaning up around 4:30pm, the room is booked until 5pm. You can of course stay as long/short as you like within this time

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I rsvp’ed but please include Greg. Thanks!

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50 cards this time for me

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I would like to attend. I will also bring a prize . Barbara S.


Oops ! I would like to order ten cards as well. Barbara

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Thank you for setting this up, @marora! I would like to RSVP for one and order 25 meetup postcards. :slight_smile: I plan on bringing a small prize.

@suegathman, I’d love to learn how to make my own wooden postcard and plan on bringing a panda related image ready to go! :panda_face:


I’m sorry I should have looked at my calendar before I replied . I have another event to attend that day. I still; would like 10 postcards. Thanks !

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Hi I would like to RSVP for the meetup and I would like to order 30 of the meetup postcards. Thank you. Christina Lee