Many cards in a row, all sent on the same date!

Since it’s almost a month I re-activated my account, I am pretty sure almost all the cards drawn on that day have already arrived. The total is 77 cards, so my address was distributed whopping 77 times on the 28th April. :exploding_head: It really blows my mind.


Hi All,

Today I received 6 cards, 5 of them were sent on the same day (9th September)

I have seen a similar trend when receiving cards in the past. I had 14 cards sent on the same day - the 3rd of July.

I have received a total of 69 cards and this is the distribution of sent dates of the card.

  1. 3rd July - 14
  2. 9th Sept - 5
  3. 29th July- 4
  4. 31st March - 5
  5. 22nd Feb - 4
  6. 29th April - 3

So, of the 69 cards I received, 35 (50%) we sent in just 6 days. Why the system gives my address so many times on a single day :thinking:. Do you also have similar stats above receiving cards sent on the same day?

Happy World Postcard Day,
Manish !!

It’s all to do with the algorithm, lack of addresses in different countries etc etc. It happens to all of us in the less common countries. (I’m not sure it ever happens to those in the top 3 countries.) My address was given out 30 times on 17 August!

This thread explains a bit more:


I’m afraid everyone is going to get A LOT of postcards sent today… There’s no way for Postcrossing to keep giving out addresses in these peak times, unless we do a little bit of magic and send some postcards in advance.

Hopefully they won’t all arrive at the same time, since they’re being sent from different countries! :slight_smile:


For me, this is a great thing because I like to celebrate WPD. :slight_smile: My mailbox is cleaned and emptied, so it is ready to receive all incoming mail. :wink:


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I am not from a rare country by any means but I still tend to receive many more postcards than I am owed. On 22nd September one of my cards got registered which made me due 1 postcard (3 if you count also the travelling ones). I have received 12 cards so far since then (sent on 22nd, 23rd and 24th September). I wonder how many more are on the way.

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Only way to counter this is by going inactive every once in a while I think. I went inactive and I was surprised I kept receiving official cards.

I think I will try it next time. With the current system I feel like I am constantly just trying to catch up :frowning:

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I was inactive for a few weeks before World Postcard Day, was owed 21 postcards, went active on the day. But I went inactive again as soon as WPD was over. I am sure masses were sent to me on the day, so it’s going to take a while to catch up anyway. But I don’t want any more being sent every time one of my cards is registered (and 5 have been registered since the day).

Something similar happened to me.

I received 12 postcards sent from US in the same day.


I was inactive for nearly two months and sent about 250 cards in that time. I set my account back to active on the evening of the 5th of January, but my address was only give out once on that day. But on the 6th of January … 246 times! Some days were really crazy! And I still receive a card sent on that day every now and then, so there might still be a few more coming.
The funny thing is that even though I started sending cards again at the end of January and they all had the “Now you will receive a card” line in the hurray message, I have not yet received a card sent after the 6th of January. :thinking:


13 cards all sent on the 8th of February. I don’t think I had anything too unusual such as a lot of cards registered on the same day or anything.

Something similar happened to me too. I think it was 9 or 10 cards all sent on the same day to me; arriving from different countries, some on the same day arrival and some arrived on different days. I definitely did not register that many cards. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I got 12, twice



(Currently inactive so I have an imbalance in sent/received)

I believe that the line has nothing to do with your address being given to anyone. It is always in the Hurray message when you have more sent than received at that moment. When I think of it from a technical point of view, it makes sense. I imagine the algorithm that gives out addresses will be complex and triggered by requesting an address. So I would expect it is completely separate from the simple task of registering a postcard.

My incoming official cards are always posted in batches approximately 4/5 weeks apart. I go long periods without receiving any although I send as soon as slots become free not having many slots.
Its not how I would have anticipated it working and pleased to see I’m not alone /appears to be correct


I thought this is how the inactive works - when you come back to active, you will get all the cards.
Maybe the day you got active, there was not much activity, or it didn’t pick up your active status at once and that’s why most your address was given the next day?

Somewhere here I read that there is always “need” for new addresses, so it makes sense, that when a member gets back active, they will get all the cards.

I’ve never been innactive let alone every month so that can’t be the only reason… confusing for newbies

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