Many cards in a row, all sent on the same date!

As at today, April 21, I have received 13 cards in a row, each one sent on the same date: April 3rd. Awesome, eh?
Has anyone received more than 13 sent on one date, all arriving in a row?
UPDATE: as at May 8, it’s now 15 in a row, all sent April 3rd. (picture not adjusted)


I just looked, my record is 14.


Did you re-activate your account on that day or take yourself off travel mode or something? Or was that just your lucky day!? :crazy_face:


Just a weird day. No travel mode. No reactivation.


Yes, it happens very often


23?! :scream:


This has been happening routinely with me and my record is 16 cards that were sent on Dec 24th. My received count overtakes my sent and it takes me a month or two to catch up before I can receive cards again. I’ve slowed down with official Postcrossing, might just stick to the forum now.


After six weeks of inactivity I was assigned 30 postcards all on the same day. It was after I worked up a deficit of about 15 postcards.


That’s got to be hard to beat!!! :exploding_head:

ETA: …but I just remembered someone’s profile that I saw like this. A person I sent to once. I just counted 88 cards to them…all assigned on one day within the last two months. So I guess it’s not that uncommon!! Still…:exploding_head:.


…and just wanting to join in here :rofl:…my record is five assigned on the 6th March 2022.

I know!!! Wicked…huh?! :yum:


Mine are 3 of them and came at 3-day intervals.

The coincidence. :sweat_smile:


so far i have 17 cards sent to me on 5 april.
i don’t like it though. i now have 12 more received cards than send, which means i won’t receive any officials for a while (as this happens quite often).


More than once. In May the mail delivery suddenly stopped (long Story, long discussion with Deutsche Post). When I finally received mail again after almost two weeks I had more than 100 pieces of Mail and around 45 official postcards :confounded:.
It took me the whole day to register them and to be honest, it was the first time I thought about writing a standard Hurray and copy & paste it for all. However, I didn’t, because I won’t blame people who wrote nice cards for the fault of Deutsche Post.

It happened again in September, when we were on vacation. There I stopped the delivery and then Deutsche Post forgot me and it took another bunch of days before I got my mail. But this time for official only a handful, around ten, because I set myself to inactive weeks before.

Since then it happens every now and then that on some days my mailbox is completely empty and the other day a looooot of postcards.

But I must say, that I didn’t look if they were all sent on the same day, I was only happy to manage them all to register.

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i only have 12 received cards now but i already have these 4 from one sent date:

i guess it’s pretty common :joy:


For a long time I tended to be active then inactive for long periods due to my money situation and so I think that’s why I had quite a few occasions with several cards assigned to me on the same day. 14 is the record but I saw lots of 7, 8, 9, 10 days too.


15 from April 3rd - I thought it might be because several countries have stopped delivery to Russia and Belarus, so my adress might be selected more often to make up for that, but then I realised that the first time it was given out after I reactivated my account on January 25th it was drawn 22 times!
I guess there are worse things but it’s a bit annoying since now I have 10 more received than sent and there are probably more on the way.

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I thought it was just me :slight_smile: My address was drawn 13 times on April 3. At the time I think I had 9 travelling. Anyway my limit is way shorter than 13 so I wonder how my address could be drawn that many times. I’m not complaining though.

P.S. Notice that April 3 was quite special for the postcrossing algorithm :smiley:


It’s very common nowadays :grin:


It looks like the more cards you send, the more likely this will occur.
What is confusing to me is that I rarely get more than 2 or 3 cards a day to send, with long gaps sometimes of 5 or more days before another comes in to be sent.
April 3 was a Sunday. Maybe people wait until a Sunday to send cards??


… Hmmm maybe, the 6th Feb (with my 30) was also a Sunday… :face_with_monocle:

I know the algorithm usually (sometimes desperately) sends you more than you send, even from my beginnings in Postcrossing, I sent 5 in first two months, but got 7 back.

and aslo after inactive and travel mode, your address is dumped into the pool of addresses due postcards.
In that batch of 30 I also got a number of consecutive postcard ID’s from some of the most active countries.

@HookedonPostcards did you get a number of postcards registered in sucession, then a large gap before you registered a recieved postcard?