Mail travel scars on cards

From a few years ago, damage in front of the girl’s face looks like she’s talking. I ended up amused by it, I appreciate travel wear, except when there’s orange barcode :cry:


This card came in a plastic bag - it’s hard to see, but it’s horizontally torn. :confused: Holding together only because of a strip of clear tape on the address side …

this wasn’t meant to be a puzzle postcard but it became and now it’s the most peculiar postcard of my collection.
some years ago i received an envelope from the italian mail public service, poste italiane, containing these pieces of a postcard a friend of mine sent me: it didn’t travel around the world, it only made 250-300 kms, but somewhere along the way into a mail office it got sliced and a diligent employee put the surviving piece into this envelope, apologizing for the inconvenience.
did it happen something similar to you?


Hi @stefbot75, there’s a similar existing thread about this called “Mail travel scars on cards” here! :smile:


Yep, I got one like that recently in a bag from USPS. Unfortunately I never took a picture and didn’t keep the card. In three pieces, the stamp corner had gone and it was so sad that I didn’t want to keep it…


…And also another one called Damaged cards where I posted my amazing recent specimen.

This one has the best title, but still… :blush:

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That’s really too bad. Can you ask the sender to send another?

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(I wanted to quote South Park, haha)

That’s terrible! It hasn’t happened to my postcards, but it happened to an envelope with “ear-savers” I ordered through Etsy, just two provinces away from me in the same country. The envelope arrived, destroyed, in a plastic bag, and only one of the four ear-savers I ordered. Canada Post apologized on the envelope.


the sender was a friend of mine on holiday who couldn’t come back there to send me a new postcard :rofl: :rofl:

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That’s terrible, maybe you could order one online and have them sign it.

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anyway i visited that place some years ago and i found and sent home that postcard which arrived safely :rofl: :rofl:

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Epic story!

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I like your list — I also appreciate the marks that come along with traveling. This one I received recently from Germany has three stamps on it from Australia Post. It was a pleasant surprise and I was actually kind of impressed they took the time to manually process it that way.

There is one thing I can’t tolerate though: I always remove any yellow barcode stickers. It’s so bad that when I see them left on the postcards I’ve sent to family members, I take them off those cards too. I don’t know why but I just despise them.


Some of those postal marks are very collectable to post card collectors.

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today i received this postcard from a direct swap in uganda :sob:
i received other 3 postcards from him but they arrived safely


3 maxi cards from China sent with a lot of love and care (back side so cute and carefully put together)
arrived like this. Stains and smell of mold as well…
Such a disappointment for both of us.

for anyone that know Jeff Dunham’s Ahmed, “these cards are not dead, it is just a flesh wound!”

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Do you mean they have a little damage, or hardly any damage? I think US postcards nearly always get printed cancellations on the front, back, down the side of the card, etc!

It’s only a little damage, something like in this article
Actually I have no problem with it since the picture is still beautiful.