Mail travel scars on cards

Yep, I got one like that recently in a bag from USPS. Unfortunately I never took a picture and didn’t keep the card. In three pieces, the stamp corner had gone and it was so sad that I didn’t want to keep it…


…And also another one called Damaged cards where I posted my amazing recent specimen.

This one has the best title, but still… :blush:

I wonder if they can all be merged?


@elikoa Did you already flag this Topic and ask the administrators to merge the 3 Topics?

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That’s really too bad. Can you ask the sender to send another?

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(I wanted to quote South Park, haha)

That’s terrible! It hasn’t happened to my postcards, but it happened to an envelope with “ear-savers” I ordered through Etsy, just two provinces away from me in the same country. The envelope arrived, destroyed, in a plastic bag, and only one of the four ear-savers I ordered. Canada Post apologized on the envelope.


the sender was a friend of mine on holiday who couldn’t come back there to send me a new postcard :rofl: :rofl:

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That’s terrible, maybe you could order one online and have them sign it.

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anyway i visited that place some years ago and i found and sent home that postcard which arrived safely :rofl: :rofl:

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Epic story!

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I like your list — I also appreciate the marks that come along with traveling. This one I received recently from Germany has three stamps on it from Australia Post. It was a pleasant surprise and I was actually kind of impressed they took the time to manually process it that way.

There is one thing I can’t tolerate though: I always remove any yellow barcode stickers. It’s so bad that when I see them left on the postcards I’ve sent to family members, I take them off those cards too. I don’t know why but I just despise them.


Some of those postal marks are very collectable to post card collectors.

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today i received this postcard from a direct swap in uganda :sob:
i received other 3 postcards from him but they arrived safely


3 maxi cards from China sent with a lot of love and care (back side so cute and carefully put together)
arrived like this. Stains and smell of mold as well…
Such a disappointment for both of us.

for anyone that know Jeff Dunham’s Ahmed, “these cards are not dead, it is just a flesh wound!”

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Do you mean they have a little damage, or hardly any damage? I think US postcards nearly always get printed cancellations on the front, back, down the side of the card, etc!

It’s only a little damage, something like in this article
Actually I have no problem with it since the picture is still beautiful.

I received an unofficial card in an envelope from Russia, and the whole thing had been soaking wet and dried out at some point.
Fortunately it arrived all in one piece, just badly water damaged.

awww mine are greenish in many spots. I had to throw them since i dont want any mold in home (my home already has humidity itself!)

as for stamps i tried to clean them up a bit and put them in plastic, in my stamp album. will have to check them often tho to make sure it is not contageous!

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This handsome pup arrived from London recently:

I consider it another case of “travel scars” enhancing the story, as it appears that our bulldog hero fought a brave battle with the sorting machines. :medal_sports:


Yess!! I think there should be a limit – those who have scratches (even very visible ones such as these on the bulldog postcard) can be seen as interesting, as they have a story to tell, and you can clearly see that they’ve travelled from the other side of the world.

On the other hand, having soaking wet / mouldy stuff is definitely not beautiful and not “romanticisable” in any way. That’s just horrible omg, I’m sorry that you had to receive that, @melimar. And I feel sorry for the sender as well.