Mail to China (2022 temporary suspension)

The information was also placed at the top of the Postal Monitor, accessible also for non-forum users, on June 16th.


Hi @Bille
Once again it seems to be the vocal few, not the silent majority.
I am confident that the majority of Postcrossers appreciate the opportunity for global communication that @paulo has developed.
I’m saddened when I read insults and politicising, but again, I am confident that the extreme posts here probably don’t represent the majority of Chinese Postcrossers, any more than one strident or belligerent voice from any other country represents the whole.


I’m going to say that I’ve had the impression that China Post has been actively discouraging receipt of foreign mail from other countries for a while.


Very well put Bille and I totally agree, especially the final remark.


Hi Paulo,

First and foremost, thank you for monitoring postcard movement and updating this situation to us. I think it matters to both the two sides of sending and receiving cards.

I understand the anxious mood of waiting a card to be registered and thus the accompanying feedback. It’s not just a card, but also a tiny piece of love to be delivered from another corner in this world.
And we all know that this world is suffering not only covid, but also other more serious problems like wars, economic recession, energy crisis, extreme weather etc. You might hardly assert that people around the world are more unite than ever before. I do feel a sense of isolation. But that’s not what it should be.
Postcrossing gives us an opportunity to connect with people scattering around the globe. I appreciate this connection and definitely don’t want to lose it, especially in such a tough time.

Indeed, there is long delay in China and I feel truly sad when I checked my mailbox so often but only got an empty one. However, I believe they will arrive someday. They’re just being slow due to some facts that beyond our control. By the way, isn’t slowness one of the beauty of mailing a postcard? Otherwise we can choose a much faster way to communicate. Therefore, may I suggest Postcrossing not to suspend our connection to the whole world just to guarantee speed?

Thank you!


Just shocked when I see comment like “ Chinese community should leave post crossing….” I can still see it minutes ago. Be honest, this is the 10th year I be with postcrossing and never though will be treated like that. Most people from and outside China are try to solve the problems. I just hope everyone could be nice with each other, be respectful and don’t pick on nationality please.


When Polish Post worked very sketchy and extremely slow (in 2020), I decided to temporarily give up hobbies such as Postcrossing. Unfortunately, we have no influence on how the mail delivery works in our country. Half of the mail was lost on the way or took long moths (often more than a year) to arrive. I understand it’s sad, but hopefully the suspension can end soon.


I don’t think the high efficiency is one of the joys of postcard mailing. In today’s world of communications technology, it will take only a few seconds to send an email with a click if you want to pass on a message effectively. Isn’t the whole point of receiving and sending postcards to enjoy the wait and the surprise?

Besides,I don’t think the speed of China Post is excessively slow.Postcards I recently registered almost traveled for about 60 days, and this was after three months of lockdown in Shanghai where China’s main international postal business processing center locates. Shanghai is also gradually returning to normal so I think it will get better soon.

I hold the belief that, It is not speed of China Post that goes too far,but the hasty decision of admins.

This time, all the efforts of admins, making the decision of suspension, just led to unbelief, nonunderstanding and even anger from so many Chinese users.

I think there is so much that can be learnt from this lesson, making the administration of the team better. I look forward to the improvement.

It is a pity that admins are not happy, and many Chinese users are not happy either. But I still wish all have a good weekend, more or less.

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Every time they answer the concerns that you have, you keep adding more concerns. There is no winning. You are unhappy with the situation and, let’s be honest, nothing admin says will change this.


Now your Temporary make very bad effect.

You shall show us more evidence.

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Yea maybe make the announcement at a conspicuous place next time.Not here or at postal monitor.People may not notice that.
Also set a line that if certain percent of cards be registered. Then the suspension stopped immediately. And of course let people know the percent.


Precisely, I hope that everyone takes a look into this case before hotheadedly waving a ridiculous/unjust racist/Endlösung card here. Let me provide another example. In November 2019 (I remember correctly) the Finnish Post went into strike and no post was delivered in Finland, no domestic, no international. Because of the strike, Finland was blocked from receiving official postcrossing cards and Finnish members were also encouraged not to send any either. I don’t remember if there was any discussion about this on the forum or if there was, it went quite calmly. The strike fortunately didn’t last more than a month, so let’s hope there is light at the end of the tunnel. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m going to leave here. I’m very very disappointed this time. If the rules are complete, I won’t be so angry. I ask for proper rules, I ask for the data standard for when to stop the suspension, but someone think I am just unhappy and I ask for this concerns so I will ask more later……… so funny right. They know the rules are not comprehensive but no one wants to face up to the problem and someone just use an excuse to sugarcoat everything. Well, Goodbye everyone.

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Seeing such news I am very disappointed with the PC, too long does not mean that the postcard is lost, such a practice does not pay attention to us Chinese players, why Ukraine in a wartime state can continue to send letters, and we can’t?


Exactly. Some have already noted that the situation may soon improve and the suspension will then be lifted. If Chinese users are still sending postcards at the moment but do not receive them in return, this will be leveled when the suspension is canceled.

Postcrossing is a great hobby. I understand the dissatisfaction of Chinese users. Some things are beyond our control. It is nobody’s fault that the current situation has caused significant delays in the delivery of mail. Unfortunately, it is what it is but hopefully things will improve soon. I encourage postcrossers from China to participate in the forum activities :blush:. Personally on Monday I will send 3 postcards to China (to different users) thanks to tags and exchanges :heart:.


I don’t think the current measures taken by the administrator are discriminatory policies against Chinese. But as I said before, I think administrators can manage better.
After the restrictions are lifted, I believe the postcards that Chinese players should receive will be distributed to foreign players, so what we need to do is wait. However, this announcement will make Chinese players feel isolated. This is not because Chinese people are mentally vulnerable. Imagine a group of children playing games happily, but the teacher suddenly ordered one of them to wait ten minutes to play with other children. How does the child feel? No matter what kind of problems the child has, for example, his hands are dirty and need to be washed before he can continue playing, the sudden prohibition is always embarrassing, even if the other kids didn’t discriminate against him.
If we can have a rule, for example, only children with clean hands can play games together, then when we ask one of the children to wash his hands before joining the game, everything is in line with the rules. This is not only good for one child, but also for all children. Because every child can’t always keep his hands clean.
PC has more than 800000 players, and more friends will join in the future. I think we need a simple rule to restrict and declare some things. I think this is an opportunity.


I don’t have a problem with pausing, but wouldn’t it be nice to pause sending as well? A large part of why most players are so angry is probably because they don’t get what they deserve for honestly sending cards. Not all Chinese are impolite, I hope you can consider it.

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I understand what you mean. That suspension was definitely not an easy decision. As I understand it, the delays are due to the pandemic. Apparently, the Postcrossing team is monitoring the situation very closely. Unfortunately, I do not have their knowledge. But I think it may be difficult to make clear rules about such unpredictable factors.


But the cards are not lost.

If your address has to go out, let’s say, 10 times, then it will go out 10 times after the suspension is cancelled.
And if you send 5 cards during the blocking and they are registered, then your address will go out 15 times later.
The system always makes sure that for every card you send, you get one back - sooner or later.