Mail to China (2022 temporary suspension)

Good to hear! I almost lost my interest in mailing postcards since the huge unbalance between sent and received.


I totally understand that.
The recipient of my card has been with postcrossing for exactly one year and it was only the second card she received - that takes a lot of patience.


This Hurray message came through a few minutes ago (address was written in English) …


Dear @haha577,

Received from China, 37 days. :slightly_smiling_face:
Sent by @Maotuan :cn:

My two last registered cards to China:

25 days

319 days.


I received Lots of official cards in Feb and Mar.
Let’s see: :two_hearts:

Meanwhile I am really active in tags,
and I keep tracking list.

I did 96 cards from Sept to Dec in 2022.
Missing parts:
1 from NL,1 from FI,1 from BY,1 from CZ.

Moreover, all 3 cards from RR are safely received.

That’s not that bad for me :bouncing:


Every card I’ve sent to China since they allowed us to get Chinese addresses again has expired and I find it extremely disheartening. I dread receiving a Chinese address. Effectively I know for 60 days the number I can send is automatically reduced by 1.


I’ve had two go through recently: one within 60 days, and another registered after 60 days.

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For the Chinese users, the situation is probably even more frustrating - they wait for months for cards that don’t reach them and if you look at the profiles here, they often have a sent/received difference in the high double or even triple digits.


I drew a Chinese address yesterday and I have faith!

(My swaps have made it through and I’ve also received Chinese swaps so yay, looking forward to SG-401495 being registered)


I have lots of experience sending and receiving from Canada and let me tell you - Canada+ Chinese post teaming up is a recipe for disaster. I’ve sent maybe 30 postcards not on this site (friends/family) from Canada in the past 6 weeks and about 1/3 never made it, or are still on their journey :smiling_face_with_tear:

Twice now I’ve sent from Detroit to just across the border in Windsor and neither time it made it. Having said that, I wonder if anyone here is considering the possibility of mail theft? I’ve read several articles recently citing that it’s on the rise.


This just expired. But of course it may yet arrive! The recipient has sent 8 and only received 1 card, and that one took 76 days. It takes infinite patience to be a postcrosser in China, I don’t think I could do it :see_no_evil:


Thank you for this valuable information. I noticed too. I just sent someone a gift to China. I know that the majority of my post cards have been received by residents who are from China. I pray this uplifts soon.

What does that mean for those of us that have postcards already going to China. Are you going to release them off the accounts or we just wait for them to expire?

Thanks again.

@kissthebeehive; also consider that the postal machine damages some postcards. Many people are not aware (just assuming) that the places where they are purchasing stamps that are not legal and the Post Office places those items as “Abandoned.” The cost of everything is on the rise and many Post Offices have cut staff; too make matter worse. I pray things get better! You must have patience while engaging on Postcrossing.

@haha577, I understand your frustration.

My cards sent to China expire too. They travel for months. You are not alone in this.
I just got a new name in China today, their birthday is in October so I am thinking of sending a birthday card now, that is how long the cards to China still need to arrive and be registered.


I’ve just (last Friday) sent a tag card to China, with printed Chinese address. We’ll see how long it takes. I am optimistic, though - 2 cards sent in August made it to their destination in October, so not bad.

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These will expire (if not arrived before that), like any other cards, but the cards can be registered after expiring.

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obviously, Chinese addresses are given out more and more… My wife and I got five today…


My wife and I picked eighteen addresses today, six of them to China - if previous experience is anything to go by they will all take more than sixty days to get registered, or will never be.

We usually send nine cards each on a weekly basis - I predict that this will soon no longer be possible, as more of our cards are “stuck travelling”.