:postcard: Mail Suspension Alerts

The Philpost of the Philippines just released a memo which I got from our local post office.


Postal Monitor was updated for:
Ghana, Philippines

@Kewl, thank you for the information!

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Good news for Brazil:
8 ciuntores released:on July 5th:
Argentina, Bolívia, Catar, Chile, Colômbia, Uruguai, Paraguai and Venezuela.


Postal Monitor has been updated for:
Brazil, Ireland, New Zealand, Russia, Tajikistan


Please see updated list countries Jamaica now sends outbound mail

Outbound-Shipments-Advisory-May-2022.pdf (jamaicapost.gov.jm)

Please update

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Postal Monitor was updated for:
Cyprus, Georgia, Singapore, Sri Lanka.

Hi @elizann, thank you for the post.
I just would like to double-check. The attached pdf says “now able to ship packages to the following destinations”
Do you happen to know if Jamaica can send letters & postcards to those destinations as well?

According to the callback I received from China Post and the website of China Post, maybe the list in Postal Monitor should be:
Antarctica, Åland Islands, Saint Barthélemy, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba, Bouvet Island, Curaçao, Guernsey, Heard Island and McDonald Islands, Isle of Man, Jersey, Saint Martin (French part), Svalbard and Jan Mayen, South Sudan, Sint Maarten (Dutch part), Samoa.

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Good morning, I am in receipt of a new postcrosser for and in Ukraine - I noted this from canada…

It seems we are not delivering there, do I just put his card aside and keep checking? Will this show up as a card that is expired?

The address you have drawn should not be located in that area (Crimean peninsula), have you checked it?

For Ukraine there is a special solutions, which only blocks parts of the country (including Crimean peninsula as no one can send mail there through Ukrainian postal service)

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@Chieusa I just checked the post office in Jamaica, it does includes postcards and letters.


Ahhh noted a different postal code, so I can send …I just saw Ukraine and thought it was all of Ukraine… thanks so much for your help


Thank again for looking into this!

Did you query for the possible different transports (Airmail, surface and SAL)? If at least one of them is working, then we consider the destination as working.

I checked them just now. They are not available unfortunately.:confused:

Do you mean you checked the other countries for the other countries, or that the list you have previously found (Antartica, Åland Islands, etc)?

To be clear, if a destination works for either Airmail, Surface or SAL (one of them working is enough), then we consider the destinations as working. If it fails for Airmail, Surface and SAL, then we consider it not working.

Hope that makes sense? :sweat_smile:

For Antarctica, Åland Island,…: Airmail, Surface and SAL are all not available.

For other countries: I check them yesterday. At least there are prices for Airmail , so I consider them as available. I didn’t check Surface and SAL…should I?

but I can confirm China Post can send mails to Bonaire (RD594233067CN), Sint Eustatius(RD594233084CN) and Saba(RD594233075CN), Curaçao(RD594233098CN)

and also you can write Finland to send to Åland Islands
write France to send to Saint Barthélemy, Saint Martin (French part)
write Netherlands to send to Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten (Dutch part)
write Norway to send to Bouvet Island, Svalbard and Jan Mayen
write UK to send to Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey

I can also confirm China Post can not send anything to Antarctica, South Sudan in your list.
“If the destination is available, you can get the price of it on the website.” is not right
For example China Post CANNOT send anything to (I have tried to send registered & unregistered mail to all the country below, and they were all refused to export by International Mail Processing Centre, and some countries cannot be accepted by Post office [ Will show on their computer ‘There is no such service to this country’])
Venezuela, Bolivia, Brunei, Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Eswatini, Gambia, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Kosovo, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Malawi, Seychelles, Sudan,Somalia, Syria, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, Yemen

And some countries only have Surface/Sea Mail service like Chad, Cameroon, Sao Tome and Principe, Liechtenstein, Bosnia-Herzegovina【If you send Registered Air mail, they will be refused to export】

And also some regions can only Export Via GuangZhou International Mail Processing Center【If your letter are processed by ShangHai or BeiJing International Mail Processing Center, they will be refused to export】 like Saint Kitts and Nevis【RD623589683CN GuangZhou export successfully, RD594233623CN BeiJing refused to export】, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines【RD623589666CN GuangZhou export successfully, RD594233610CN BeiJing refused to export】, Saint Lucia【 RD623589842CN GuangZhou export successfully, RD594233813CN BeiJing refused to export】, Bahamas【 RD623589935CN GuangZhou export successfully, RD594233835CN BeiJing refused to export】, Virgin Islands (British)【 GuangZhou export successfully, RD594233800CN BeiJing refused to export】and so on
The export system is different between GuangZhou[CNCANA], ShangHai[CNSHAA], BeiJing[CNBJSA].

So it is quite difficult to define Which countries China Post cannot send to.

I don’t know how China Post works. But in my opinion, the pictures show the express delivery (快件)with code and information for tracking, don’t they?
And the Postal Monitor is for ordinary mails.

The overseas territories are listed separately on the website of China Post. I have no idea if there is a way to send to them by sending to the host country. But if you can guarantee that the ordinary mails and postcards can be delivered by this way, you can report it.

The quote is from the callback I received. But at the same time it mentioned that the temporary suspension cannot be queried online. Instead, you can call 11185 or ask the post office to work out if you can send postcards to a certain country. So if you asked them and confirmed that you can’t send POSTCARDS (sorry-but I think that your information from International Mail Processing Centre is about registered mails, not postcards) to countries like Venezuela and Bolivia, please report it with evidence.

I don’t know how to deal with this. Maybe we should ask @Chieusa for help.

In short, my information is basic because I only queried online and by calling. If someone get more reliable information (about postcards), please correct my information!:hugs:

It’s amazing that you sent such a lot of mails to every countries! If you can prove that ordinary mails, including postcards, is delivered in the same way as the registered mails, it will be great.

Postal Monitor was updated for:
Georgia, Jamaica.

@elizann Thank you for the verification. I asked Jamaica Post but have not heard back from them yet, so it really helped!

@June060310 Thank you for contacting China Post. It is not easy to get the information from outside of the country, so thank you for sharing what you’ve found out.

I am just collecting and editing information here. I know only a tip of the huge work of Project Postcrossing that @Paulo and @meiadeleite had created and have been running for years.

All I can say is it does not seem feasible.
For example, I am keeping track of three different postal systems for the country of Bosnia-Herzergovina. I am able to do it because all three systems have the information accessible to the public; They publish the list of suspended destinations on the website or respond to my inquiries.

@Aerandir_Lu Please follow the Forum rules and post in English . You can send private message to June060310 in Chinese.

According to Google Translate, it sounds like you’re sending mail to test postal routes.
As stated in the first post, “tested and it worked” does not confirm the route is open for everyone.

Some mail are lucky to “hitchhike” on a different mode of transportation or sent via an unusual route. It could be a temporary or one-time only deal. There’s no guarantee that everyone else’s postcards will be treated in the same way.
We have to be extra careful, China having 73,170 registered members. We are talking about tens of thousands affected members, senders and receivers.

The top priority of Postal Monitor is to “protect” everyone’s postcards from being rejected, returned, stuck for months, or lost.

That is why we do not make decisions based on a few successful cases.
We’d like to make it as accurate as possible, making decisions base on a reliable source = official information from post office or big data stats.


I agree that Post Monitor must be exact.
So even based on my experience of sending over 1000 Registered Letters, I still cannot provide a accurate country list that China Post cannot send to, because everyday China Post change this list.

But l can confirm all the below is right.
China Post can now send to:【ALL the below are LETTERs with tracking number (LC/AO), the same postal route with postcards】【If you do not agree with my record, I can send to these countries next week again and send you all the pictures】
Albania【RD623561141CN】【Air, SAL, Surface】
Bosnia-Herzegovina (Only Surface Mail)【RD623562819CN】
Iceland【RD623561212CN】【Air, SAL, Surface】
Jamaica (Can be exported but will be by BeiJing Airport due to no flights)【RC176713450CN, RD084580664CN】【Air, Surface】
Mongolia 【RC758027451CN】【Air, Surface】
Zambia (Can be exported but will be detained by BeiJing Airport due to no flights)【RD623589480CN】【Air】
Zimbabwe (Can be exported but will be detained by BeiJing Airport due to no flights)【RD623589476CN】【Air】