:postcard: Mail Suspension Alerts

Postal Monitor was updated for:
Hong Kong, Italy, Korea (South), Latvia, Macao, San Marino, Vatican.

Hi @Chieusa.
I am sorry that this is going back and forth; it is difficult to get clear answers out of them. However, the pricing of AO is consistent with letter mail pricing.

Using the AO price list, a 20g package sent internationally would be between 1 and 2 USD, so I suppose the worst thing that would happen is that a postcard would go as a small package?

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Fiji has resumed mail services to all countries, not just limited to USA, Australia and New Zealand.
I was at the post office last week and enquired with the staff. They did not update their website.
I sent mail to Hong Kong, UK, Poland, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada etc. and the staff helped me to postmark my mail.

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Postal Monitor was updated for:
Cambodia, Fiji, Georgia, Israel.

@ssawatzky Thank you very much for checking the pricing. I thought AO=small packages, but Paulo told me AO is likely an abbreviation of a French word “Autres Objets” (other objects). It usually means “Other than letter post” but Cambodia Post might mean “Other than EMS”

Also I got a reply from them. No words, just an image :sweat_smile: I interpret it as “For letters & postcards, refer to AO”

I updated the Postal Monitor against theit AO list both in Khmer and English, that’s best we could do for now.
Do you happen to know why their list have 2 entries for Antigua, Cayman Islands, Chile, etc.?

Thank you for the report. We did not find the information on Fiji Post website or their new Facebook page either, but we found it in other reliable sources (information published by postal agencies in other countries), so we removed Fiji from Postal Monitor.

It says on Postal Monitor that Norway doesn’t send post to China. This is incorrect and there is no mention of China among the listed countries in the official source:

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Postcrossing temporarily suspended mail to China from all countries, because China Post has had serious problems with mail delivery the last weeks. See also ⚠️ Temporary mail suspension to China?


Postal Monitor is updated for:
Norway, Svalbard and Jan Mayen

@Paulius thank you for the report, Norway Post updated the list yesterday, June 20th.
@curry-king I have updated Postal Monitor for Norway → China, so that when the temporary suspension is over, members in China can start sending right away.

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Postal Monitor has been updated for:
Australia, Austria, Indonesia, Latvia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Singapore, Turkey.


Lebanon cannot send for now to the following countries:

Ukraine, Lithuania, (All mail is returning to sender since there are no flights there).
Australia, Armenia, Cyprus, Iran, New Zeland (Citing an internal memo from the postal service Libanpost)

Hi @Chieusa, Postal monitor shows the latest update that Pos Indonesia can send to Norway and Svalbard & Jan Mayen. However when I clicked the source, it still shows that we can’t send to Norway by airmail (the rightmost column).


That’s true

I wonder too if @Chieusa made mistake or maybe she got an update from other official Pos Indonesia source. However the table is indeed updated on 22th June which is today, though I didn’t notice new country is added to the Pos Udara service today


@noritaa and @catchycat thank you for catching the error! I fixed it.
@mazenfakih thank you for the report! So, the information is not published on Libanpost website or on social media?

Postal Monitor was updated for:
Indonesia, Lebanon


It seems like Anguilla have updated their list of destinations. Anguilla General Post Office’s Facebook page told me they accept mail to Sri Lanka.

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Unfortunately the postal service has been very lazy with their website and social media.
The latest stamp for example that is featured in the philately corner is 2 years old.
This is what happens when you have a severe devaluation of the local currency and the staff are severely underpaid.

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I think you may forget to remove Australia from the suspension list about Korea(South)…


Postnord in Sweden doesn’t accept mail for transport to Belarus and Russia due to sanctions.

Postnord hast resumed service to Russia an Belarus for letters and postcards lately


Good afternoon!

I was wondering why some countries cannot send to Bonaire, for example Belgium. I have no trouble receiving via private swaps from Belgium. All of our mail goes via the Netherlands, so if a country can send to the Netherlands, they can send also to Bonaire :relaxed:

@KRR Thank you, I found a list on their Facebook, but there were some vague information that I needed to verify with them. I will update Postal Monitor as soon as I hear from them.

@mazenfakih, thank you for sharing the internal note.

@junjie2012 South Korea → Australia is unfortunately blocked under the category 2. Big Data. Many postcards sent via surface mail from Japan and South Korea have been delayed so much or missing.

The block* on “surface mail only destinations” is implemented to avoid long-traveling/expired cards piling up, and that members don’t have to wait for months to send next official postcards.
*There is an exception: Surface mail from South Korea to Japan has been working, therefore, South Korea → Japan is not blocked on Postal Monitor.

Hi, @Inez001.

if a country can send to the Netherlands, they can send also to Bonaire

There are quite a few countries that separate “Bonaire” or “Netherlands Antilles” or “Caribbean Islands” from “Netherlands” on their availability list.
i.e. Australia Post sends to Netherlands but suspends to Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba.
Ireland Post sends to Netherlands but suspends to Netherlands Antilles
Estonia Post sends to Netherlands but suspends to Kariibi mere piirkond =Caribbean. (We contacted them to figure out specifically which Caribbean islands they can send to.)

I don’t know. I guess it may be due to flight capacity issues and flight fuel surcharge that they may not be able to establish a fixed route to Bonaire officially?? They may still let your postcards “hitchhiked” on a parcel post or sent via an usual route using a different set of relay countries. Because they are just one-time or temporary routes, they cannot make them officially available??

As state in the first post of this thread, we follow the announcements from postal agencies.

For the better accuracy, we do not update Postal Monitor based on a few samples.
Some mail are lucky to “hitchhike” and get to suspended destinations, but there’s no guarantee that everyone else’s postcards will be treated in the same way.

We tend to be on the safer side and usually remove a suspended destination only when an official announcement has been made by the postal agency, because the main purpose of Postal Monitor is – we don’t want anyone to have their card rejected, returned, stuck for months, or lost.

If the information seems to be wrong or unclear, anyone can contact the postal agency to find out :slightly_smiling_face:


Postal Monitor has been updated for:
Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia, Singapore.

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