:postcard: Mail Suspension Alerts

Postal Monitor was updated for:

@fmstrada We found the source for Israel → New Zealand suspension. Thank you for your report!

@JetteLise La Poste suspension list has this information:

L’envoi de documents vers ces destinations reste possible, avec des solutions d’affranchissement par timbres disponibles au guichet.

I also contacted them, specifically asking about postcards by regular mail.
(Back then Cuba was also on the list)


Thank you dear @Chieusa :wave:t2: :four_leaf_clover:

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Poland from 13.06. can send again to

Gibraltar, Angola


Austria :austria: added China :cn: to their list.



Thank you, @Chieusa!
I know that keeping the Postal Monitor updated is an operation of titanic proportions, I try to make my tiny contribution to keep it up to date, informing you if I’m aware of news (if possible with the source).
Thank you to all the team!


Cambodia is open to many countries: Cambodia Post

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Postal Monitor was updated for:
Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina (BH Pošta), Norway, Poland, Svalbard & Jan Mayen

@fmstrada Oh, it is much more than tiny contributions! We appreciate the updates. Thank you very much :smiley:

@ssawatzky Isn’t it an EMS list? I have contacted Cambodia post, asking if they have any recent updates.

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@Chieusa - yes, it is, but the source listed on the postal monitor is as well. I know it doesn’t count, but I am in Cambodia and the post office is accepting mail to international destinations.

Postal Monitor was updated for:

The source on the Postal Monitor is slightly different: It includes not only EMS but also “All kinds of mail services.”

If they are taking international letter-post (regular mail), we would like to have the official information on exactly to which countries they are sending and which ones they don’t. (website, social media, photo taken at post office, etc)

As it is written in the first post, some mail are lucky to be accepted and get hitchhiked, but there will be no guarantee that everyone’s mail will be treated likewise.
Also, as catchycat has experienced, some postal agencies never decline even the destination is suspended.

We would like to be careful, because we don’t want anyone’s postcards to be rejected. Since you are in Cambodia, is it possible that they can show you where to find the current list of suspended destinations?

@Chieusa I chatted with them on their website, screenshot below. But they confirm that they accept mail for countries listed on this page.

Hi, @ssawatzky.

The page has 2 lists though?: EMS and AO (Small packages). EMS, maybe?

Postal Monitor was updated for:
Hong Kong, Italy, Korea (South), Latvia, Macao, San Marino, Vatican.

Hi @Chieusa.
I am sorry that this is going back and forth; it is difficult to get clear answers out of them. However, the pricing of AO is consistent with letter mail pricing.

Using the AO price list, a 20g package sent internationally would be between 1 and 2 USD, so I suppose the worst thing that would happen is that a postcard would go as a small package?

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Fiji has resumed mail services to all countries, not just limited to USA, Australia and New Zealand.
I was at the post office last week and enquired with the staff. They did not update their website.
I sent mail to Hong Kong, UK, Poland, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada etc. and the staff helped me to postmark my mail.

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Postal Monitor was updated for:
Cambodia, Fiji, Georgia, Israel.

@ssawatzky Thank you very much for checking the pricing. I thought AO=small packages, but Paulo told me AO is likely an abbreviation of a French word “Autres Objets” (other objects). It usually means “Other than letter post” but Cambodia Post might mean “Other than EMS”

Also I got a reply from them. No words, just an image :sweat_smile: I interpret it as “For letters & postcards, refer to AO”

I updated the Postal Monitor against theit AO list both in Khmer and English, that’s best we could do for now.
Do you happen to know why their list have 2 entries for Antigua, Cayman Islands, Chile, etc.?

Thank you for the report. We did not find the information on Fiji Post website or their new Facebook page either, but we found it in other reliable sources (information published by postal agencies in other countries), so we removed Fiji from Postal Monitor.

It says on Postal Monitor that Norway doesn’t send post to China. This is incorrect and there is no mention of China among the listed countries in the official source:

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Postcrossing temporarily suspended mail to China from all countries, because China Post has had serious problems with mail delivery the last weeks. See also ⚠️ Temporary mail suspension to China?


Postal Monitor is updated for:
Norway, Svalbard and Jan Mayen

@Paulius thank you for the report, Norway Post updated the list yesterday, June 20th.
@curry-king I have updated Postal Monitor for Norway → China, so that when the temporary suspension is over, members in China can start sending right away.

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Postal Monitor has been updated for:
Australia, Austria, Indonesia, Latvia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Singapore, Turkey.


Lebanon cannot send for now to the following countries:

Ukraine, Lithuania, (All mail is returning to sender since there are no flights there).
Australia, Armenia, Cyprus, Iran, New Zeland (Citing an internal memo from the postal service Libanpost)