LOTTERY ✿ North America Winner of the Month (NA WOTM) ✿ **MAY 2023**

Can we still join?

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Address sent.

If your card arrives by May 31, you could be June’s winner

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Address please :blush:

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Oh, no! What are the chances of that happening? And happening in the month when you are the NA WOTM? I hope they get it fixed soon!

I would like to participate, hope I’m not too late😊

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Address sent

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I am the decoy NA WOTM! Thank you very much for the Grand Marais lighthouse. Hope your mailbox has been fixed/gets fixed soon. What a bummer!


I have not forgotten about my duties and collected more cards from the PO yesterday (mailbox isn’t fixed, but on order with USPS). Will post all cards and select the winner later tonight. :slight_smile:


Okay, everyone, here is the big haul. Thanks to everyone who sent a card!

@twinb99: Wonders of Wisconsin from Keep the Faye

@StephofYorktown: Postcardfair map of Virginia

@sarahaeyo: recipe card for “fancier” mushroom pate. Not sure if I’ll try it, it might be too fancy for me.

Arizona view from Louis J (you forgot your nick)

@TravelWithMe sent a SC map card.

@uconn sent an old fruit crate label

@KristinaGisela sent a vintage map from Minneapolis/St. Paul

Brittany from SC (no nick or address) sent flowers.

Zangelica (postmarked in IL) sent vintage Mickey Mouse.

@SharonMI sent a vintage soap ad (reprint).

@ladybug513 sent a view of Peddler’s Village. The Peeps competition sound interesting!

@breeze2902 sent a card for math and cat lovers. We adopted our cat, but I would still consider myself a both cat and dog person.

@kickassk12 mooned me. :wink:

@debbiemilly sent a nuts squirrel from Canada.

@isabellivy sent more vintage vibes.

@Annazon sent hilarious Airbnb reviews for castle Dracula

@wayness sent an illustration from “Donald in Numberland” - new to me!

@RockyRoadTrip sent Arizona’s flag which will be forwarded to my son.

That’s it - a winner will be chosen shortly and the new thread will be linked!


Follow the link to play!