LOTTERY ✿ North America Winner of the Month (NA WOTM) ✿ **March 2023**

From @toadallycool, a colorful Easter card that comes with an interesting theory. It does seem odd that the hen’s brood of hatchlings are bunnies! Is father rabbit passing by here - rubbing his sexual prowess in Mr. Rooster’s face (a cuckold cock?) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It’s quite possible, but…

I’d like to think, rather, that the artist’s intent was a tribute to the modern mixed-family where Hare and Rooster are LGBTQ lovers and the hen is simply their surrogate and all is well in the world (but probably not Florida). Thanks for this provocative card!!! (And you have been entered into April’s draw).

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@SharonMI sent this chrome shot of the gallows on display behind the former Cochise County Courthouse in Tombstone, AZ (which is now a State Park museum).

It’s a replica, which always fascinates me because why would we choose to go through the trouble of replicating this part of history? A social engineering reminder, perhaps, that the lawlessness that once ran rampant in the Old West is something that won’t be tolerated again?

The gallows still stand today, though they nailed a No Climbing bar across the foot of the stairs. Which would have disappointed a kid like me… what fun is a gallows if you can’t get up close and personal with it!? Too many falls, I guess, since there are no guard rails.

Thanks for this great card for my collection. (Also, if you get a chance, drop me a U2U and let me know if you want to be in the April drawing) Thanks!

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Very whimsical cartoon card from @pammykay! The band Kitty and the Mewtones. Just look at these joyous feline faces! (if only they could actually make any other noises than cries for food!)

Illustrated by mid-west artist Faye Passow - whose State Map Trays are off the hook and truly worth a gander on Etsy.

Fun card. Thanks for joining the WOTM. Your name is entered into April’s drawing and I can tell you from firsthand experience, it’s a lot of fun if you win. Good luck!


@Beachyblonde Can I get the address too? Thanks.


I was the decoy winner this month. Thanks for this great Ukraine card. Love that it’s drawn by a Ukrainian artist.


Thanks for being the decoy winner, @SharonMI. (I guess you really didn’t have a choice in the matter, haha) but glad you got the Ukraine card.

And here’s another great card coming in from @breeze2902. I’ve always found the Maryland state flag fascinating. Looks like something I’d see flying at a French Nascar race! And this is a nice watercolor representation featuring the mighty blue crab. Thanks! (and good luck in the April draw)


From @RabidTriangle: a gorgeous impressionist interpretation of the River Walk in San Antonio,

Oh, I hear you about the chore of being a tourist in your own city. I am one of those tourists whose only recollection of San Antonio IS the River Walk. (Mainly because our hotel was located on it so it was all we were exposed to!) I am sure there is hella more funs stuff to do there… Maybe next time introduce visiting family and friends to one of those things as well? They’ll probably love it! Thanks! (and you have been entered into April’s drawing)

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The parade of cards keeps coming! This one from @Sarahaeyo features a work by Eric Drooker, a graphic artist who often depicts the increasing militarization of America’s police forces and the line between service and intimidation. This after one of his friends was senselessly gunned down by a police officer in NYC.

This piece (Police Dog) served as cover art for a Faith No More album and has been a popular design at tattoo shops.

Very funny (well actually not!) note on the back, skull washi tape, and a hand cancellation from Kenmore Station in Boston make this a winner. Thanks!


Tough skin here. It takes a lot to offend ole Rocky, but @StephofYorktown managed to send the image that even gets to me!!

A lot to unpack here. I especially appreciate Dick Cheney giving the thumbs up in the background - because ultimately, this was all his show. And GW was the young tool they used to make it happen. Sickening stuff. Remember, waterboarding is not torture, and 9-11 was an inside job!

Thanks for this one!

(from UK-based independent publisher of “oppositional postcards”, Leeds Postcards)

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From @TravelWithMe, this appropriate MPAA-style rating applied to the former guy. It’s true, America’s children were subjected to all the vitriol coming from the oval office during that administration - the sex scandals, the violent rhetoric, the disregard for public health - wrapped in hate and intolerance. It needed a parental warning like this!

This card couldn’t have come at a more propitious time. Fingers crossed that next week some accountability will be achieved. And you have been entered into the April drawing. Thanks!

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From @twinb99: a card that accurately captures the state’s nickname: Montana is Big Sky Country! In a way, it is something you have to experience for yourself - a photo doesn’t really do it justice, though it’s great to know such a place exists in the world. And interesting to see such a Montana fan who lives in Wisconsin, another beautiful state for different reasons. Thanks! And you have been entered into April’s drawing.

Thanks everyone! It was a fun month!

Okay, so the postcard gods have spoken and we have a new winner for April!

Check out the April WOTM topic, play along, and good luck!

Send them a card and take a shot at being next month’s winner of a postcard bonanza!!

Rocky Road Trip

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One more card sneaking in for March!

From @halflingstory A historical reenactor playing a sentry at the Fortress of Louisbourg Nova Scotia, guarding against enemy approaches to the St. Lawrence River. If you grew up near there, why didn’t you apply to be a cosplayer there? :rofl:

What a thankless job! Freezing in the winter, and hot wearing that uniform in the summer. Thanks for this interesting card. I had not known about the fortress or its role in the Anglo-Franco war efforts.

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Oh yay, I’m glad it finally arrived! And that you like the card :blush:

I did actually work there one summer, in a costumed role! I was a hostess in a restaurant. Luckily for me it was a cool, damp summer in Louisbourg so I didn’t sweat too much in all the period-appropriate layers :sweat_smile:

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