Looking for help to translate a message into Hungarian


Can someone who speaks Hungarian help me translate the following message intended for clerk working at Békés post office?

Dear Postmaster of Magyar Posta,

My name is Linda. I am a Canadian collector.

I am sending you these postcards for which I should like to get the postmark of the town Békés on the 21st of September – which is known as World Peace Day.

Please cancel the stamp found on the image side of each individual card. Please place the cancel at the location indicated. Once done, please put the result into the return envelope I have enclosed and mail it to me exactly on 21 September.

Thank you very much,

I am running the World Peace Day Maxicard Creation project. According to my research, there is a post office in the town ‘Békés’ (Békés County) which means peaceful. I have the peace-themed stamps and postcards ready to send.

What about Google Translator? It’s not that bad, and even if there are some mistakes in the translation, the folks at the Hungarian post office will definitely understand what you want. If all else fails, I think somebody out there will understand English as well.
Good luck with your project!

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