Looking for a good address printer

that is what most reviews say… you can modify the printer, but that comes with opening it up and changing hardware…

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That’s sound like what I had to do with my old HP printer as after a firmware update I couldn’t use ink cartridges (original!) which were too old :roll_eyes:

I have a Brother 550 and a DYMO 450 XL label writer and I’ll stick to them as long as possible.

Agreed, I have a Brother 550, it makes life easier.


Hey guy’s actually got myself a label printer but I’m going to keep the post open just in case someone else is looking for one or someone else needs to ask the same question.

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Which one did you get in the end ?

I’m using a Canon printer and I get a hundred sheets of A4 sticky paper print out the addresses and then cut them the size. It’s a lot cheaper than playing one of those fancy small printers that need specific paper and inkjets.

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I do the same thing. For the paper, I get sheets of precut stickers made by Avery. For smaller address, they come with 30 stickers per sheet, the larger addresses are 10. Also figure out that if you start printing and removing labels from the bottom of the page, you can keep re-feeding the sheet into the printer until they are all used.


Hi there - is the 40x30 mm paper that comes with it sufficient space for an address? Or do you buy other paper rolls? Ty!

Hi, I found the 40x30mm labels to be too small, so I buy the 50x30mm labels and trim off the excess after printing addresses. I’ve gone through several rolls of those and like them :slight_smile:


I have a Niimbot B1 address printer
I use the white 50x30 labels for the address.

I also have 40x30 labels which I use to put info like name RR or tag, date and my forumname on.

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For a while I used to write the addresses out, but then with the European addresses the accented letters and all became a chore. So I started printing out on ordinary paper and then sticking it to the card.

Now I have got self adhesive printer paper with 4 stickers per A4 page. These I cut into to 4 and then when using the print address facility choose A6 paper. Each label can print two addresses. For the second address just flip the label.

Hello! I am looking for a small label maker that I can connect to with my phone. I usually will just write out the address as cleanly and clearly as I can, but I prefer to write in the recipient’s language when applicable e.g., in Chinese. I have previously printed off the address but it wastes a whole sheet of paper and I don’t have my own printer so I have to do it at work :frowning: I would prefer something that I can use as needed.

Does anyone have a brand or product they like? I have received postcards with my address on a label, and I keep meaning to ask that sender, lol.

Thank you :pray:t2:

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Hi @nkbartel

Loads of people, me included, are buying those small thermal printers now. They are easily sourced from Amazon, tonnes of choice, and the prices are coming down all the time.

I got one a few weeks ago from Amazon that included 10 paper rolls, 10 sticker rolls (they both look like smallish till receipt rolls except one is just plain paper and one is a roll of sticker sheet) for just £18 (GBP).

All the printer makes seem to be Chinese and there isn’t much to choose between them really. Things to watch out for: dpi - dots per inch - the higher the dpi, the clearer/finer the print, but I chose an average one and it’s really clear; whether your preferred printer comes with free paper and/or sticker sheets or if you have to buy them separately; width of paper needed - if buying separately, make sure you buy the right width; what app you need to download and connect to.

My printer connects to the ‘Tiny Print’ app. I screenshot the address, put it into the app and print it out. It’s so easy that the first time I tried it, it took me less than two minutes to do and worked first time! The apps are free to download.

I hope this helps! Good luck! :grin::+1:


I second the Phomemo Thermal printer.
Inexpensive and so simple!
I simply take a snapshot of the address, connect the handheld printer & print directly to label paper that you tear off. Bonus - they’re on BBC sale right now on Amazon!

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Will the address stay there well? I’m thinking the receipts I get from stores, and how the text fades away eventually, sometimes rather soon.

And also seeing someone buy lots of undeliverable mail orders, because the address label turned black/unclear when heat or too much contact happened. (But of course these can be fake and not true at all.)

I have few cards where the ink is very faded, light grey, but still readable luckily.

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Hi @S_Tuulia, I’m not concerned about it myself, the print fading etc. I use the printer for addresses in Cyrillic and Chinese where I also hand write the address in English. So the address is attached twice, in effect.

If there is fade or whatever, I don’t think it’s going to happen that quickly or badly going through the postal system. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Different thermal papers are ‘rated’ to different lengths of time. The Phomemo ones, for example, say they’ll last 5+ years before fading. They also don’t do the thing receipts do where you can scratch it and it turns black.


all the Amazon and UPS labels on their boxes are also thermal, so it will be fine for postal delivery, They will fade after 5+ years I guess…

Yes, I think the weather and temperature changes affect a lot too, I have a Dymo printer that is thermal as well (?), outdoors the label needed changing once a year (names were written with this), when indoors it didn’t even fade.

Maybe one risk with such labels is when it’s some label, not meant to last long, and is left to a mail box made of metal, sun shining there, getting very hot, or either very cold.