Looking for a good address printer

i use nimbot b21s its a taiwanese company. it uses heat printing so you dont need an ink cartridge
. https://www.niimbotlabel.com/products/niimbot™-b21-label-maker?gclid=Cj0KCQjwhY-aBhCUARIsALNIC05GQYkPID1QYJa3j68T9PiAGySjtEKOfWkyaKtcucD0lR94yJxOe9YaAr9iEALw_wcB

I have a phomemo D-30 for return labels, they have a bigger one that can print pictures and such, I haven’t tried it but I might get it one day.

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I use a Brother QL 500. It’s out of stock but still available used at eBay etc.

I have mine since 10 years meanwhile and it still works perfect.

We also have a Dymo 450 XL and the software of the Brother QL can be used also for Dymo. You just have to add the printer of your choice in the software settings.
So I can recommend both brands.

Further we have a Brother all in one printer, though I don’t like it for label printing. Since “Zweckform”, a German label Company, belongs to Avery the sheets aren’t really compatible any longer and you have to do a lot of adjustment. Personally I think it takes too much time for printing a few simple address labels.

So I will always use a label printer.


I have a Phomemo M02S mini printer and treated myself to the postal design. :blush: It’s easy to use with an app, and as I don’t print a lot of adress labels, the paper rolls aren’t too expensive.


Do you find the printing stays on/visible ok? I was interested in one of these but was told the print decayed quickly.

I’m not sure if its me but I have trouble printing addresses now. They used to be in Font size 11 or 12, now they are smaller. Ive tried to increase but no luck. How to adjust?

Well you can change the font size manually… (Sorry if I misunderstood,and you’ve already tried that …)

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Yes, tried that my printer does not see the command…and this is the only site where i have that issue. Most of the time I hand write the address but its nice to print out Russian & Chinese addresses so their postman can more easily read


do you know if there is a way to make it smaller. i purchased some labels but the 9 pt is a bit too large. any help is appreciated.

Honestly I avoid the whole “,print address” passage. I copy/paste the address ( from my e-mail ) on a word doc and print the label from there. At least that way there are no limits for the font size or style, or even the colour.


Thanks, that’s a good idea. I’ve been wrecking my brain trying to figure it out.

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I am researching label printers and my eye fell on this:

Niimbot B1.
I just want to print address labels for my Postcrossing hobby.

Does anyone have experience with this type of printer?
Does not use cardridges, bluetooth via app on phone.

@Superchick3 Is this one similar to the one you own?

@Boeboe I looked into the Dymo 450. It is available on our famous dutch second hand market place for € 70 and up.

I use the Phomemo M220 label printer and love it. They also have other models. I use their iOS app and connect through Bluetooth with my phone


I have a similar one. It works really well for printing

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Thermal paper usually lasts a few years, but eventually fades entirely


I use a Dymo labelwriter 450 with third party labels
and it works great !

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I would check if the UK address would fit on it. They can have 7 lines of text.

I use a Dymo 450 also and are very happy with it. Also with 3rd party labels.

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Just bought a DYMO 550 - works well but need to find out how to remove the ID from the address part so I can write ID somewhere else on label. How do I change the settings on Postcrossing Print as it has ID and address together . Any idea’s

I made my own design in the Dymo software and just copy/paste the address into it and the ID number.
For the Dymo 550 the really big downside is that you can only use their expensive labels with an RFIDchip, it will not allow you to use 3rd party labels anymore. I’ll stick to my 450 as long as that works.

Just copy the address out of the email :slight_smile:

@Petre Are you sure? A friend of mine uses the DYMO 550 with cheap no name labels. No problems, they work perfectly.