Link to new forum

I mean something like invitation on the blog with a description of the new forum or something similar.


We definitely plan to mention it on the blog, as well as other places (FB, twitter, etc) — we want this to be the new home for postcrossers. But, we also want to do this slowly so that we are able to fix any issues we may still bump into, as well as have the chance to welcome and help everyone when they arrive, which is harder to do if everyone comes at once.


Inside - on top of the page is the POSTCROSSING icon (with a link) symbol and on the top right: (Home) (Search) (Menu) (Profile)

Currently: postcrossing icon points to and
the HOME icon points to

IMHO it should be the other way round

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Oi Harald! :wave: Welcome to the forum!

Originally the Home icon wasn’t actually part of this forum software. The :postcrossing: logo on the top left (nb: which only appears when you scroll down) is the way to reach the frontpage anywhere from the forum — this is just like what most websites do.

Later, some members pointed out that it would be nice to have a direct link to Postcrossing’s main website which is when we added the Home icon to the top right. An Home icon is also how the old forum pointed to the main website. Switching the icons/links now would be equally confusing for those that already expect the current behavior.

That’s great! Thank you!

I’ve seen a link to the new forum today.
It’s great! Thank you.

I have just a simple question. Could this link open a forum a new tab instead of replacing the main postcrossing site? Could you keep the behavior of the old link?
As for me personally it’d be better.

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I came here to ask the same question. The same goes for the link in the old forum, but it’s equally annoying on the main site. As far as I am concerned, a link should always open in a new tab.


Absolutely agree on this, but I don’t notice any longer. After getting annoyed with too many websites not acting this way I got used to open links with a click on the middle mouse button (= new tab). And I hardly ever browse on mobile devices.


Hi! On the PC home page, under the forum tab, the Forum (legacy) opens in a new tab, but the forum (NEW) does not. Can you set the new forum link to open in a new tab as well, please?

Making changes to an old behavior (like the link to the old forum) is indeed hard — but with the new forum it is a good opportunity to do this change.

That may make sense on, perhaps, a search results page — surely you don’t mean always?!

The issue with always opening on a new tab is that it gives no choice: it will always open a new tab/window, no matter what the person really wants, while a regular link that opens on the current tab/window, gives the person the choice whether to open on a new tab or not (eg: by pressing Ctrl key, using the middle mouse button, right click, etc) — if that’s what they prefer. In other words, by opening on a new tab that behavior is imposed over everyone, while using a regular link instead gives everyone the option to decide how they want to open it.

I for one dislike when links open on a new tab when I don’t want/expect them to — without noticing, soon after I find myself having a ton of tabs open on essentially the same website while all I wanted and needed was a single tab — as if there aren’t enough things distracting us! Surely I’m not the only one fighting tab overload these days? I suspect that in a not so distant future we will be seeing browsers supporting something to force a link to always open on the current tab, no matter what it wants to do. Maybe I should open a tab and research about that, but I have work to do :sweat_smile:.

Anyhow, we are listening. But I do ask to please consider this as an opportunity to change an old habit of something that was imposed on everyone for something that gives everyone a choice instead.


As I agreed with @siobhan, for me it’s like links to different websites should always open in a new tab. So Postcrossing main site is not Postcrossing forum and it should open in a new tab, but a link here to another category or topic should not… only everything external.

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Exactly this.

I see now that I wasn’t being very clear, but I was thinking about links that take you to a different website. Of course if I’m on a the main site and click on the link to a postcard page, I don’t want that to open in a new tab. But if I’m on the main site and click on the link to the forum, I certainly don’t want that to open in the same tab.

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I know it’s temporary, but it’s particularly confusing/irritating at the moment with the top link for the new forum opening in the same tab, and the lower link for the old forum opening a new tab. I think the forum is “different” enough to warrant a new tab.


And there is another reason for opening the forum ( I mean the new one) in the new tab: transferring links to postcards in the games like BINGO when you need to have both your stats and forum opened at the same time.

Menu’s item “Forum” works different way than others:

  • I can click on it and it opens a community forum instead of just showing the submenu.
  • Cursor is pointer, not default.

This is also so in the mobile version.
It’s a bit annoying.

Could you fix it and make it as other items: just open submenu, nothing else?

The submenus on the main website always opened on hover — no need to click. On mobile a single touch should also just open the menu and not trigger the link (at least on iOS).

Are you using keyboard navigation or some other interface that triggers the click on opening the menu?

Yes, submenu is opened on hover.
But “Forum” item works as a link at the moment. Cursor’s form points it also.

That’s right and that was done on purpose: I added the link in that position to mimic the behavior before there was a submenu for the forum(s) which is how it will also be once the submenu is removed in a couple of months. Thus, clicking on that position of the menu always leads to the Postcrossing forum: before, now and later. It’s a minor optimization but the open on hover effect doesn’t change.

Related with this, but a bit of a tangent, we are also at the moment trying to update that menu to be keyboard friendly to make the website more accessible. We are aiming that visually it stays exactly the same, but minor tweaks may be necessary, so the menu is working in progress at the moment.

I’d like to join the chorus for, once things settle down, the new forum to open in a new tab in my browser. I am doing such manually now, as I frequently need to refer back to the main site when writing a post.

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