Got a suggestion:
Both forum and PC site should be handicapped people friendly. I mean: big letters version and possibility to connect to speaking device for blind people. Why should we make them stay out of this great project?

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This is something we have been working more on lately. At the moment we are trying to make the top menu of the main website usable through keyboard.

The font sizes is something we also plan to improve (by increasing the minimum size throughout), although we find this somewhat less pressing: most browsers already do a great job allowing easy zoom of the font size. Ultimately those tools need to be used as we can’t possibly make it big enough that works for every possible case. We will make improvements on this nonetheless.

The change to the top menu should help with this. But we would love to have the help of someone who uses these screen reading tools to better understand where are the biggest hurdles at the moment because we don’t understand enough about which and how those tools are used.

As for the forum, the upcoming version will have some improvements for color contrast.


Wow! I hope we will have a (dark) blue version :upside_down_face: