Link preview onebox – limited?

Hi there!

Is there a limit to how many previews can be shown?
We have a lot of links in the DIRECTORY Handmade Cards & Mail Art, alas, the last four look like this:

If it is just a limit, then I think I will remove the previews and replace them with normal hyperlinks so that it is consistent.

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That doesn’t seem to be the problem though — the forum is just not converting the last 2 links into oneboxes. Fishy… :thinking:

Ah, found it! There is a setting for maximum number of oneboxes per post — I’ve upped this up a bit, should work now.

It does, thank you!

I fear the limit would have to be increased again in the future. I counted 58 links in this thread in the old forum – not counting the specific RR groups –, not all have been transferred yet, not all will be transferred. But I think, in time, it will grow to include even more topics in the new forum than there were threads in the old forum…
May I ask what the limit is at the moment? Maybe I should just make hyperlinks anyway.

OR I will take care of that problem when it occurs in the future. That is a good idea, too :yum:

The limit is at 70 right now. I think for these kind of directories, doing simple links might be easier for members to quickly scan and find what they want… otherwise it might just be too much text for people to read. :frowning:


I was thinking about that as well :frowning:
And originally, I didn’t plan to keep the previews at all. It was nice in the Sandbox but there were only a handful of topics in the Sandbox.
But nowadays, I think it is also quite nice to have a little introduction to every topic since sometimes, one title could mean a lot of things if it is phrased poorly… I made a table of contents so that you can jump to the chapter that you want to see easily.
Since I’m a fan of polls, I think I will make a poll whether the people who use the directory would like the onebox previews or would like to have simple links instead! :grin:


A 3. option is that you add a description with ‘hidden details’ under the link.

:scream: That would be even more work than simple hyperlinks, thanks for your input but no thanks

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