Link preview and hiding details

I have a question about links.

If I place a link in a post, then a preview is loaded like this

And if I hide the link, then inside there is just a link of the usual form

Url inside

How can I get a regular link in a post or a preview link in a hidden block?

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You can use this format: [your text here](your url here), for example [Postcrossing]( will turn into Postcrossing.
And the preview will only show up if you have the url on a line of its own. If I include the link or another link on the same line as some other text, the preview won’t show up.

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It doesn’t quite suit me.
Now I will try to explain.
I have lists of favourites from the off site on a specific topic (for example, only cars or only mushrooms). They are in the form of a list of links. If I just post it, then I get a preview for each link. It’s nice and informative, but clutters up the message. When I hide this list, it is displayed simply as a list of links (although when it is hidden, it would be nice to place it inside as a preview) and it seems like an extra user action to open this list, although it turns out that this option allows you to hide the extra preview.

From what I understand, for this to work you’d have to use HTML detail tag and put the link in a new line. When using the Hide Details feature here, the links are mini-oneboxed (no preview is generated).


<summary>URL INSIDE</summary>


And to disable the oneboxing (preview) for links, just write them within the same < and > brackets:

What it you write a number (or + or * to create bullet points) before each link you list on a new line?


Or add seveal links on one line, with commas between them?,,,

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So basically you write <>!?!

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Without the apostrophes, but yes — sorry, I should have been more clear in my previous post.

Yes, I only used the back tics apostophes to highlight the code. (Mostly because I’m used to do that on Habitica to show what one has to write to get the wanted result.)


Another simple way to avoid the automatic oneboxing and that may be worth reminding is that we auto-link postcard IDs on this forum.

So instead of posting

(which normally would generate a preview)

one can just write NO-203604 which is automatically linked and tidier.

Doesn’t solve the goal of having a oneboxing preview within a details/summary block, but it can help with keeping lists where the preview is not wanted/needed.

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@anon12838227 thank you! I think it will suit me :+1: I think this is exactly what I need!

@meiadeleite thank you for the hint. It will definitely come in handy!

@Norway_girl thank you. I didn’t think about such a method. It can come in handy too. :+1:

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I managed!
I think there are some restrictions on the number in one message in the preview.

For example in this post

in the third (3) block of details there are regular links at the end instead of a preview. There are a lot of links in this message.