LGBT+ postcards

I’ve always wondered where people find their LGBT+ postcards? I would also be interested different ideas of what could qualify across the world. These could include History, Famous People, Artwork, Historic Locations, or anything.

(Hopefully this makes sense, it’s my first attempt to start a Chat and never used Forums before joining postcrossing.)


I have 2 postcards from the Museum of Modern Art set of 100.


Unfortunately there aren’t many postcard stores where I live, but I found this one at a local shop:

It’s not obvious that it’s an LGBTQ card, but the artist sells it as a pride postcard :slight_smile:


I got some at Euro Pride Con a few years back. But more recently I’m buying postcards online, and have found only a few LGBT+ designs.

I did see nice ones on Etsy but shipping was quite expensive. Maybe if you live in the UK or US you might find Etsy shipping more affordable.


I searched Etsy and had some luck. Also on zazzle. :raising_hand_woman:t3::rainbow_flag:


Yesterday was the anniversary of Iowa legalizing same-sex marriage and I thought I might try to find a postcard of something of Iowa Supreme Court and keep it as LGBT+ postcard.

On April 3, 2009, the Iowa Supreme Court unanimously upheld the lower court’s ruling, making Iowa the third U.S. state to legalize same-sex marriage, after Massachusetts and Connecticut.


I haven’t seen too many postcards, but the USPS put out a Harvey Milk stamp awhile ago, you may be able to find some on eBay. Chronicle Books must have put out a set at some point of LGBTQ+ cards, but I can’t seem to recall.
Canada Post put out a legalized same-sex marriage stamp a few years ago and they are still available to purchase at the Canada Post website. I bought some for Postcrossers who request LGBTQ+ items, as I usually don’t have postcards.


ohh good topic, i really wanna know too. i was hoping there would be some general postcard shops that sell some lgbtq+ cards but i haven’t heard of any.
postcards that i can’t find anywhere else i buy on redbubble. i think it’s a bit similair to etsy? they’re quite expensive so i try (do i really though? i’m not sure) to not buy too much there. but they’re great quality from some awesome artists so it’s totally worth it. i buy mostly what i love myself so that’s a lot of cute illustrations (though i’m interested in history as well, haven’t find those yet).

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There are some postcard sets by gay artists, like Herb Ritts and Robert Mapplethorpe that can be found on ebay or museum gift shops.

There are some cute designs on Red bubble. I like ryegardens shop:

Otherwise, I am lucky that the book stores and museums I’ve visited usually stock some LGBT cards. For instance, this is a postcard of a murual on display at the Berkeley Pacific Film Archive. It was made by a trans artist and is titled “Fake Affordable Housing for Trans Elders.” Because of the pandemic, it was on display for many more months than planned.

It’s always a hunt! It’s fun to imagine finding a beautifully designed LGBT postcard set :heart_eyes: Maybe one of drag performers or historicial photographs or the history of ACT up. :rainbow::two_hearts:


Artunlimited (Dutch online shop, but also an english version) has ‘gay’ as a subject to filter on.

Shipping is quite expensive though (even in The Netherlands), so you probably have to go for a large order. They have an excellent selection of cards so should not be a problem to fill your basket :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems like this is the Webshop you have been looking for:

I have ordered there two or three times now, never disappointed. Shipping is a flat fee.

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Thank you! some great choices and great pricing.

Hello to all
these postcards are beautiful i love :heart_eyes: :two_hearts:

Thanks want to search on Etsy

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Hey everyone! I loooove all LGBTQ+ Postcards. If you guys want to exchange them in a RR please vote here to make it happen: Suggest and Vote on new Round Robins!


I have this postcard book and sent some to a few people. I think you can find it online between 6-9 dollars including shipping and you get I believe 20 cards

Here is the description of the cards, "A collection of 30 glossy b&w photographic post cards providing a queer spoof of Hollywood’s glamour kings and queens. Costumed models re-create some of the film industry’s classic scenes. The author calls it “my tribute to all our dreams and fantasies about a time and place that have disappeared.”


Great hints, I always have a hard time in finding cards… so I was especially happy when my daughter made a design that we got printed. But I really wish to have a bit of variety, so: thanks all who shared links :blush:


Feminist and lgbtq±bookshops are/can be a useful source. Also lgbtq+ -centres that exist in many big European and (North) American cities …

btw: there is an lgbtq+ - postcard/postcrossing - fanclub on FB (for those who use that community): groups/2369321313294378

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Hi to you all :slight_smile: I’m from England and as it seems no one has replied about this subject from here thought I would being A - in the LGBTQA - thing. It is so tricky to get them over here, even online us UK lot seem to find it more tricky to do or we have more of a ‘wait’ for them to arrive. So you sort of have to ‘plan ahead’ when sending these sorts of cards from here! Zazzle doesn’t seem to work over here, or it has a waiting time thing for things to arrive and unless you’re signed up/in the other sites you cannot access the pages! - why when it comes to it I myself, although want to, don’t send these types of cards :frowning:


I’ve found it quite easy to repurpose cards for asexuality - there are some really great cards with slices of cake and playing card imagery for the ace of spades :spades:


I saw some on the webshop of Blije Luiaard ( but as far as I can see the webshop is only available in Dutch at the moment…