LGBT+ category

Well, I’m new on Postcrossing but after exploring a while I feel surprised when I realized that there isn’t a place where you can find other LGBT+ people on the site. :rainbow_flag:
I’m sure that there must be a quite large queer community here, so how comes that there is no category to find them? (as it happens with nationalities and languages)
I wonder if is something we can do about it. Thank you so much. :relaxed:


Why? Do LGBT+ people like different cards? Do they have a secret source of unique cards the rest of the world are not privy to? The same could be said about the different races. What about Sci-Fi loving people or communists?
I honestly can’t see the advantage of having a place for LGBT+ to meet on this forum.
I have nothing against the LGBT+ community, but you can’t compare them to stamp collectors or people who want Moomin cards.


There is a LGBTQIA+ tag, though anyone is free to participate it is a great way to connect to other LGBT+ people or allies through postcards :slightly_smiling_face:


I think that making a whole own category would be too much. I would like to not see us becoming more categorized on the forum. It feels much better that we all have possibility to talk together without separating us into groups. Language and country categories are useful because people sometimes prefer to use their own language or want to talk about country specific things that will not be as interesting to others, so those categories helps to keep the site tidy and easier to use.

However, maybe it could be a good idea to make own LGBT+ thread on “Everything else” category or on the country categories in case anybody wants to speak with people from their language/country area? In that way there will be space for LGBT+ people to talk and find each other, but the forum will not be more separated into different categories.


You could open a topic in this forum for like-minded people to connect. :slight_smile:
Maybe here: #everything-else:other
Or if you want to discuss LGBT+ AND Postcrossing, you can open a topic here: #postcrossing:general-topics

We have a tag where people can exchange postcards about these issues here.
Here someone started a conversation about LGBT+ -themed postcards.
And there was talk about opening a LGBT+ Round Robin for people to send each other postcards and talk about these themes on the back of the card here. But unfortunately, @alter3ch0 had some internet problems and I fear never got around to opening it.


Why should there be one? They are postcrossers just like everyone here and this forum is not about sexual orientation as well as it is neither about religion nor politics, that is why you do not find categories on these topics, too.


Do you mean category as in a tag? (Not the tag games, but the tag labels). If so, I think it would be a good idea to create a tag like that to label threads, RRs, tag games, etc. I mean, if we already have a religion tag and a politics tag, why not also have a tag for the LGBTQ+ community.


i agree with this. out of everything that’s out there postcrossing feels like one of the most safe and welcoming places. i mean, we are sending cards to all kinds of people, all over the world. i think you’d have to be pretty openminded for that. you can share everything here and people have the choice to either ignore it because they don’t care or you get some nice reactions. i have never seen anyone be rude because of something personal.
so i don’t really see the point of a whole different category. maybe just a topic, as suggested above.

also. if you start with seperating lgbtq+ people, i’m sure a lot of other people will feel the need to create a different category as well. where does that end.


Because this is a postcard exchange site? It isn’t a site for collecting stamps, or even collecting postcards, or meeting people, or dating. All those things may or do happen, but this site exists to exchange postcards with strangers all over the world. From the FAQs: " What is Postcrossing?

The goal of the Postcrossing project is to enable anyone to exchange postcards with random people around the world."


:+1:t2: I don’t feel like sexuality is something that comes up here too often. As others suggested, a topic in “Everything else” could be a good place for connections for those who wish to have them. :slight_smile:


We are here to exchange postcards. Also, to learn about others interests. That is all I will say about this.


While this is a site primarily for postcards, it can be alienating to feel invisible and ignored. I agree it would be good to have at least a discussion thread if not some kind of a flair or flag for us to feel more welcome. Has postcrossing got an inclusivity statement?


Actually, yes, they very well may like LGBTQ-themed cards that might not be of general interest.

This comes across as more than a bit snide, particularly when directed to a new Postcrosser who has asked a simple question. Not very welcoming, in my opinion.

But of course LGBTQ is as valid a theme/category for stamps and postcards as Moomins might be.


Maybe? I also enjoy LGBTQ+ cards and stamps despite not being gay myself. :woman_shrugging: I can’t be the only one. I wouldn’t want someone not to send me a Tom of Finland card, for example, because I’m straight…:disappointed:

…exactly; I absolutely want LGBTQ+ Postcrossers to have a way to connect (and it seems there are already several places to do so/ways to create them), but I wouldn’t want to start pigeonholing people, since I believe a treasured part of Postcrossing for many of us is minimizing divisions in the community as much as possible. Like @Kompis-Ninna mentioned, the language/country categories are pragmatic rather than social.


Wow, what a dismissive reply - why shouldn’t there be any subset of postcard lovers that want to form a group, including LGBT+ folks, that want to connect & share postcards. Why would we not welcome everyone?

Also it’s quite natural that groups that are vulnerable & discriminated against, including those who live in countries who are part of Postcrossing where it’s still illegal to be LGBT+, to want to connect & share experiences & hobbies.

@PinkNoodle, @mchay, @Kompis-Ninna - why does it matter who forms groups? - the country & language categories are highly social places, not just pragmatic categories.There are many, many other subsets of specific groups on Postcrossing and I don’t see this as any different. I think we should be open to whoever wants to form groups who care passionately about postcards.

And for anyone who is not part of the LGBT+ community who is commenting on this post in a negative way, I want you to stop & take a moment & think about the impact your words may be having on the original poster & anyone else who is reading this who might be part of this community. This is supposed to be a welcoming space for everyone.


I don’t think you understood what I wrote.

Of course there are subsets of people on the forum, and they’re all free and welcome to create topics/groups to connect with other members however they feel comfortable. No one so far has said that there shouldn’t be LGBTQ+ threads, tags, RRs, etc. I don’t quite know how you reached that conclusion.

@miguel_luna, what exactly do you mean by “category”? A tag, like @truenorth_49 mentioned? That would be great! :slightly_smiling_face: A topic or activity, like the ones @Feuerstuhl linked? Maybe you’d like to create a new one? Do it!

All those are, or would be–as far as I know–accessible to everyone. I think what people are reluctant to do is create a glut of subcategories so that people feel pressured to identify as this, but not that, or the other. Or to feel like they can’t participate in a certain group because they don’t identify as part of said group. The idea is to give people places to connect without gatekeeping.


Since you aren’t part of the LGBT+ community, one would not expect you you see the advantage.


I’d love to see LGBT+ category in that forum. In my opinion there is no reason not to create a category if a member of this community has a need or will. We are the community and this forum will be shaped by our needs and wills so if there is a need or will just do it…
by the way this topic should be discussed by LGBT+ people and they should decide if there is a need or will, not any other people.


I’m wondering if people in this topic talk about the same thing when they talk about category. We - as users - cannot create categories. We may only create topics. I really like that lots of sub-categories were dismissed when the forum moved here as it feels more open now (there were lots of thematic sub-categories on the old boards, now there are mostly topics)


Why is it that people should be invisible just because there is no explicit LGBT+ category here? Are women invisible here or black people or handicapped people or single parents or buddhists or vegans or others just because there is no special label here in the forum emphasising one certain quality of a person?