Lexington KY meetup 05/26/2024

In the interest of friendliness & etc.,
I think it would be cool to see multiple different meetup Card designs !!
I went to a meet up in Ohio a while back where there were 3 separate ones available!
Cool !!!

I just wanna put this out there for the other party, Don’t let what I’m doing inhibit any desire you might have to design an additional card. :smiley:

I just wanted to touch base & update.


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Hi there! Im hoping my schedule will allow for me to make this meet up & if it does, I can grab you on the way! Im just north of Dayton so ill be taking 75 down passing through Cincy!
God willing I can go … will know soon! :slight_smile: so just put that your going for head count in case.
Im still so new to postcrossing & loving it! Started i believe in February. Less than 20 cards sent and received. Is there any particular advise on what to bring with me? Thanks in advance :smiling_face: ps am i “too new” to attend something like this? Lol idk wouldn’t want to feel out of place… opinions please :slight_smile:


If im available to attend this day i should be able to swing by and get you on the way ill be taking 75 with from Dayton so it should work. Again, not totally sure yet if im open that day will know soon. Another fellow poster or post crosser needed a ride from Cincinnati as well so we’d be carpooling… fun fun! Im still new to the community (Feb this year!) But loving it so far! Will be in touch!


Oh my goodness that would be great! Maybe I can just wait with the other member at her stop (if that’s ok with her of course) so you don’t have to make two stops. It will be so fun to ride with fellow postcrossers! I just started postcrossing last May. I love it!
Yes, keep me updated and thank you of thinking of me!

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I am going to be out of town, but I would love to be included for the next meetup. Is there any way to be reminded when the next one happens in Kentucky?


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No such thing as too new, everyone is welcome as long as they come with a happy attitude! Hope you can Hope you can make it and thanks for reaching out to the people who need a ride! Thanks for RSVPing!

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Hi Tom, There isn’t a set Kentucky meetup schedule so the best way would be to keep an eye on the meetups list. I’m not sure who is going to step up to plan the next event so that makes the location a surprise as well (maybe you? :smile:). I myself kind of fell into the host role on accident for this one :sweat_smile: so I am hopeful that it goes well and everyone has a fun time.

@Twade Did you see this?

Hello! Getting excited for the meetup at the end of the month. Is there a picture of the postcard we are using? Also, is there going to be a pre-order for it?

Hope all is well! Excited for May 26th!

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@MsKoby I did, but this month is insanely busy and I just can’t commit to going. Hope it’s a successful event!


Greetings from Durham, North Carolina!

These are two low resolution screenshots of the card designs for this meet up.

Tossed around with Dawn and Amanda on how to handle printing without being the point person since I, myself will not be there.

After official approval from the host on this style, I will post the High Resolution PDF file with bleed marks for each of you to have printed. Meaning the best solution of no money transferred over the forum and tossed around.

Just please note this design took time, free of charge. All I ask is keep my artist credit at the bottom on the back. PC to PC, please don’t cover it.

I will have this card in my portfolio as this is becoming a signature style of mine, so it’s really important to my heart in the most blessed heart way possible.

Best wishes and cheering y’all on from afar.



Just signed up to attend!

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Here is the file to download for this card!


So if I’m understanding correctly, we are to print our own cards using your lovely card in the pdf file for the event?

Thank you SO much! The design looks wonderful! @AnxiousHuman

If so, I’ll be ordering my cards! Can’t wait for the event you all.

That is 100% Accurate. Free to print where you’d like.
Just highly suggest somewhere that can do Matte backing. :slight_smile:

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I love this Postcrossing card, but I am totally illiterate as how to print my own and do not have the electronic accessories to do so. If anyone is making extra copies of this meetup card, I would be willing to pay a reasonable amount for a few. Just let me know what you think and thanks bunches. Looking forward to seeing all of you on May 26th in Horse Country.

I just clicked the going/RSVP button. Can I bring a plus 1 also? I’m trying to get my husband involved.

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Ok guys,

I just called a kinko print shop to get some clarification about printing.

They said to use the website for the best price and choose matte finish to have the best results with pen writing and so on on the back.

If you’d like to tag along on my personal order ,
Please email me amabhakti@gmail.com
ASAP. Firm Deadline 05-20. Plan for
$1.00 each, Cash day of…

I will do my best to accommodate Folks & don’t forget cash on meetup day. I will have a
few available at cost at the event as best I can also but no guarantees. emailing me ahead of time is the best way.

Email amabhakti@gmail.com to order
PC MEETUP LEX 05/26 (email subject so I don’t miss it)


Thanks sorry if I seemed to make this difficult. Having the suggestion of a website to print changes things for me a bit.
I will do my best to help organize this order.
Don’t forget 05/20 deadline!

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I went ahead and ordered some for my sister and I on Zazzle and I’m going to see how they turn out.

I don’t think we will have any extras, but I’ll let you know how they turn out. I’m seeing if my sister can go ahead and mark that she’s going, because we have confirmed that the meetup date it after her graduation so she will be able to attend!

Can’t wait to see some familiar faces and meet some new postcrossers!! :blush::blush::blush:

I will also bring some extra cards for those that can’t print their own. How many cards are normally signed/stamped per person? This will be my first meetup, so just curious on what is the norm.

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