Letters together with a postcard

Hello Hello,
I live in Warsaw, and I have a problem, Sometimes I attach a letter to a postcard, but when I glue the letter to the back of the postcard, the letter keeps bending. Such postcards will not be accepted at the post office, so I put the letter with the postcard in an envelope, and I have to pay a few PLN (PLN is the Polish currency) for one postcard it does not make a big difference but unfortunately for several it does.
I want to know other people’s ways to send a postcard with a letter without an envelope.


I have never heard of a letter glued into a postcard - without an envelope. Why should you send them without an envelope? Or why you are sending a letter if the recipient likes to receive the postcard without envelope? Postcrossing is for postcards, not for correspondence, for me.


Have the postal workers asked you to pay more for a letter than for a postcard?

According to Polish Post, the price of postage is the same for both, 8 PLN.

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You may find something here.


I know but some people are very happy with the attached letter because you can share with others everything you put there, of course some people like to receive only postcards.


I pay 9,50 PLN for a letter. I dont know why…

If they like the letter, I think they are ok with the envelope too.
But if it gets too expensive, send just the card, or not so many letters it gets too expensive.

But, maybe it gets too “heavy” that you need to pay the next price level? (For example in Finland the normal price is up to 20 grams, and if it’s heavier, you need to pay more. And it’s easy to get it over 20 grams.)

Is there possibility for “economy” price choice, which would be a little slower, but also a little cheaper?
You could also turn the letter into an envelope, and put the card inside, could you? Like folding the letter paper/s, glueing only the sides or taping, and not writing to this area. It would save the weight of the envelope, but the postage stamp and postmark would be in the letter instead of the card.

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This is a very good ideas @S_Tuulia thank you:)

I’m confused. Your profile asks people to send the postcard in an envelope

If I send a letter with the postcard I put it in an envelope. I think there are thickness limits with postcards

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At ma profile a write

I like postcrads at envelope,

But I dont ask peoples.
if postcard in envelope It’s not too expensive, you can send me a postcard in an envelope.

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You can check the postage prices for different weights in Polish Post’s postage calculator.

I don’t see any letter with the price of 9,50 PLN (but I haven’t checked every option). Up to 50 g it’s 8 PLN all around the world and the next level is already 11,50 PLN. Maybe they are charging you for something extra? I would go to a different post office and ask there.

Unfortunately it’s no longer possible in Poland. Everything abroad is automatically priority. The post discontinued the economy rate a few years ago :frowning:

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I tried only once to send something (it was a museum ticket) attached to a postcard with some washi tape, and it never arrived. So I didn’t try again.

If you really need to attach a letter to a postcard, maybe you can try send it inside a small transparent bag? Something like this

I have received such postcards some times especially from eastern Asia, and some friends of mine used it inside Italy to send a postcards with a special cancellation.
Basically you write and adress your postcard normally, then ask the clerk at the post office to add the rubber-stamp and then you put the card inside the plastic bag. This was the card is correctly cancelled, and if the sorting machine add a second cancellation it will not ruin the special one, because it is protected insiede the bag


I’ve been curious about this

Is the general rule of thumb to only send a postcard if the profile does not specifically state postcard or envelope acceptable?

Or is the general rule if it is not specific in the profile, then a postcard can be sent in an envelope?

Sometimes if people state , say, they live trying new recipes, I’d be tempted to send a one, that would require an envelope

Thank you

Here is reading material for you

Thank you. It seems pretty divided, but maybe slightly towards no envelope.

Im curious why you would send a letter without an envelope?

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