Postcards vs Envelopes

When I first began sending out cards I always placed them in an envelope, (the postage for anything under .50grams, is the same for a single card), I would include stickers or a page from my local newspaper or a simple drawing.
But since I’ve noticed many postcrossers request card only … I’ve doing ceased doing this for everyone.

Do postcrossers like receiving little items like this?
Is it preferred the stamp be on the actual postcard?


There’s lots of opinions here Katie:

I’d say generally for postcards only, people prefer to have them without envelopes unless wanted for stamp collectors, privacy reasons or perhaps to give the card some protection for a long journey.

Many of us like cards written & stamped (no envelopes) because these cards then show the cancellation & travel marks on the card.

I pay attention to people’s profiles and see what they want or I usually ask them as well.

If people are offering or trading more than a postcard then envelopes are absolutely used - some people like extras like stickers, washi etc - others don’t. Some don’t want extras I think partially because they then feel pressure to reciprocate and not everyone is prepared or able to do that eh?


In the Postcrossing guidelines under the heading “Towards a Greener Planet,” you’ll find:
“When sending your postcards, avoid using envelopes. If you must use them, try to reuse old envelopes (it can be fun!), or prefer those made from recycled paper.”


I’m not the biggest fan of envelopes unless doing a multi card swap, however I always still make the cards look traveled by putting low value or used stamps on the cards include writing the address on each card and even I have my own cancelation rubber stamps that I use to make them look like they were sent without an envelope. I think that is always a nice way to do swaps with envelopes.


I’m a die hard stamp collector, but I still prefer written and stamped postcards. I collect envelopes too, but I feel written cards are full of energy and soul.


Many cards arrived damaged, so I began to like cards in envelope and of course extra things are always welcome ! :love_letter::grin: But me , I can’t use envelope always, my cards are too big …

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I prefer to receive my cards written and stamped. But I think the idea of ​​adding a piece of the local newspaper is great!


You’ll find profiles which say they prefer envelope,and even some that request “little pieces of your country” like tickets, ads…
If nothing like that is mentioned, I would avoid envelope.


Some do, others - like me - don’t.

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I prefer cards without envelopes, just the card with a nice message on it…

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G’day / Yuuma!

I’ve seen a lot of opinion on the forum in various places on this. I also have seen certain postcrosser profiles that ask for envelopes (along with a huge list of don’t or no which means I’ve already figured I’m not making them happy).

In Australia it’s pointless for maxicards to be put in an envelope purely because they’re already postage paid anywhere on the planet when posted within Australia… the envelope voids the postage cost.

Meaning it’d cost twice as much to send like almost $8 of regular stamps.

Personally I’m happy to receive whatever people want to send me and however it comes. I appreciate the effort.

But I know I like a postcard with stamps and the dings and scratches its received on its way to me.

I’m sure the postie delivering my mail also gets a kick out of the cards too.


In reality, this is quite neat. I have done private swaps with other members where we stamp cards the other person wants with low value stamp(s) and insert them in an outer envelope.

I also do the same with my Unwritten cards from various countries. I affix a low-value unused stamp(s) of the same country as the card, on the card, place my address label on it and whala I have a cool card.

Official Postcrossing cards always go by themselves. Forum cards, like some one card tags, also go by themselves. Other multi-card tags or Round Robins always go in an envelope.

I buy stamps from various sources and have ended up with a few sets of counterfeits over the years. I always get refunded for the stamps but no one ever wants them returned. I obviously can’t use them for actual mailing, but I like to put them on the postcards that I put in envelopes (along with a hand-drawn cancellation mark) and point out that they’re counterfeit. I think it’s a fun use for something that would just otherwise go in the trash.


Hello, everyone.

Now I’ll give my opinion on the subject. If it’s a direct swap with more than one postcard, then I definitely prefer an envelope! If it’s the ‘pure’ postcrossing and direct swap cards, then I leave it up to the sender to decide how the cards are sent! :slight_smile:

Hehe I too love doing this, and love receiving this sort of surprise mish mash. I only send out bits in envelopes if their profile states they collect stickers/tickets/stamps/ephemera. I usually pull this sort of profile every 1 in 7.

If I’m in several RR that come up at once, I’ll send cards in an envelope but usually also include a bonus unwritten card for the recipient to do with as they please. They can use it to send to someone or keep it if they like it. A few handmade ones have been sent in envelopes because I wasn’t sure how well they would survive. I prefer my cards stamped and written and I try to do the same for others. Even if I send in an envelope I usually write out their address and put a fun sticker where the stamp would be.

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I like them written and stamped. I used to collect stamps in an album but now I prefer seen the stamps in the postcard.


I am really not sure.
On the one hand I see a postcard as an artwork in itself and I want it written and stamped without an envelope.
On the other hand, I love when people send me envelopes filled with bits and bobs, stickers, washi tape, more cards and the like.

So I really am divided on that topic.
As for me sending out: I sometimes send envelopes if people in their profiles ask for something special, say a tea bag or stamps.
But normally I send postcards without envelopes.


For me it could go either way! A postcard is lovely just the way it is, and (all other things being equal) it costs me the same amount of postage either way. But! An envelope makes the postcard inside a surprise, and it could have little gifts inside! So that’s lovely too.

For now I send them without envelopes, because I agree with those who’ve said they like the look of it (postcard + postage + address and message) all together like a little art piece. Plus it’s greener and easier!
The only exception is a profile I pulled who requested a recipe - I wanted to write a message too, so I wrote out the recipe on a piece of loose-leaf paper and tucked both in an envelope :blush::email: