Lets finally get a US postcrossing stamp!

Hello! Here in the US we have wanted a postcrossing stamp for a while, and they have considered it in the past, but it appears they still don’t care about postcrossing. So while many others have failed in the past, this time let’s try our very best to get a US postcrossing stamp!

I believe we should all work to write our letters and postcards the week of April 2nd through 8th so that they will be drowning in the same suggestion in the week(s) after and so that we can all prepare our letters and postcards.

  • We MUST submit the proposal via US mail ONLY
  • We should include plenty of information about postcrossing, and how it has affected the world, and more importantly to USPS, the United States
  • We need to mail our suggestion to the address below:

Stamp Development
Attn: Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee
475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, Room 3300
Washington, DC 20260-3501

Ideas of what to send:

  • Include the fact that postcrossing has not only connected the world, but the United States as a whole to the world
  • maybe include the papersisters card of postcrossing stamps! This card
  • if you are talented with art, maybe make a prototype stamp
  • note how many postcards have been sent on postcrossing worldwide, and from the US (see postcard ID number on date of sending)
  • if you are from a different country, send a letter too! It shows that others want us to have a stamp too!

I know we can get our Postcrossing stamp! If we try hard enough we will get ours!


Hi Seth!

Your enthusiasm is definitely appreciated, but there are already several topics on this so there’s no need for a new one. Please check out these other conversations, and feel free to chime in with your experiences!

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