Lazy postcards?

I’m closing this topic for the time being because it’s going in completely the wrong direction und a lot of posts are flagged.

This Topic should be about cards with little text, not mainly about various disabilities that people have to deal with (even though this can of course be a reason why sometimes there are only a few words are written on a card)

I think that @meiadeleite should look at this topic and decide whether it can be continued or whether it should remain closed.

Besides, we already have a topic in #postcrossing:general-topics where you can discuss about cards with little text.

I think this topic started off on the wrong foot by calling these postcards “lazy”… and then it just went downhill from there.

As several people have pointed out, there are many reasons why postcrossers sometimes write less than we’d like. These reasons often have nothing to do with laziness, but with real struggles that people go through — which are not always something we can imagine or understand. :disappointed:

Implying that someone should not do Postcrossing because their use patterns don’t fit our own expectations of this hobby is a little… not good.

In any case, this is not the kind of direction that is going to encourage anyone to put more effort into their postcards (if they are able to), so let’s wrap up this conversation here. Like @Bille mentioned, there’s already an open topic about this, so if anyone would like to continue talking about this (hopefully in a more constructive manner), you can do it there.