Lazy postcards?

I recently received a couple of postcards with the same format, a printed address and printed piece of text in a postcard that wasn’t even from the place it was sent from.

They are always the same way: A badly printed piece of paper sticked to the postcard with washi tape and with a generic text:

Hi this postcard comes from…
Greetings goodbye

or worse:

Hello my name is…
Please check my online shop…

I think these people completely defy the experience of postcrossing, getting a postcard, writing a message and sending it, instead they have turned a nice hobby into a printing and sticking process, probably not even looking at your profile.

I understand that if a person that doesn’t speak my language needs to send a card, this would be acceptable, but this is not the case.

What do you think about this people? Has it happened to you before? Do you like this type of postcards? Does this defy the rules of postcrossing?


Hmm… I’m new here, so I don’t have a lot of postcards yet, but no.
I did once have my address printed, but it looked more like a “I print it so that I don’t make a mistake” situation, plus it has ID printed along with the address.


Not talking about the address but about the text, I also print addresses sometimes and that’s fine to make sure they arrive, I meant people who print also the text with a generic message


I get cards sometimes with preprinted messages just stuck on the back of the card. No matter how nice or well-intentioned the message, it always feels kind of impersonal.

But on the plus side, I can actually read the message, unlike other cards I sometimes receive with hard-to-decipher handwriting. :grin:

Also on the plus side, a card arrived and you’re holding it in your hand. :blush:


well i do feel like some people put less effort in their card/message, but i don’t think that’s defined by the message being typed. a while ago i got a printed out message but it was quite personal. and quite often i get written cards like ‘hello greetings from x hope you like this card happy postcrossing’.

there could be a perfectly good reason someone prefers typing their messages, like broken hands or something. and i know quite a lot of people think their handwriting is unreadable (which is quite understandable if you see how many english and perfectly readable messages are in the translate topic).
i actually think printing out text, cutting it and pasting it on a card is less lazy than writing it. seems like a lot of work.


The sole reason of postcrossing is to connect people through postcards. But of course people who use this platform come for different reasons. Some are postcard collectors who probably don’t care much about the backside of the card, some come to expand their stamp collection and many other reasons.

I don’t think “lazy postcards” defy the rule of postcrossing, as long as we send and received + register postcards. And it doesn’t violate community guidelines

This happens to me now and then, and I’m not really fond of such cards as I always send fully written cards with decorations. However I can’t do anything about it, I just think people are different :blush:

Once I got such “lazy card” and I assumed the sender was lazy, it came out that the sender is old and suffering from rheumatism :sweat_smile: , I felt bad afterwards. So I don’t want to assume anymore, just say thanks, register and move on. We’ll get more surprises in incoming cards again later


I totally agree with you about the “original idea” of postcrossing: sending real messages to people, sending a card that you have chosen according to what they say about themselves in their profile. If that happens, and if you receive a card that breathes that spirit, then postcrossing is at its nicest.
I also get annoyed/sad/ disappointed when a “profile” is basically a list of what the recipient wants and doesn’t want.
Unfortunately I get the impression that there are more and more people who misunderstand the idea of postcrossing and think it’s a collector’s site.
Maybe the automated message to remind people that that’s not what postcrossing is really about should appear more often when you ask for an address, or when you sign up.


I’ve had some very detailed printed & pasted messages on cards & some short ones too.

I try not to assume anything about a sender & their card. There are many reasons why someone might put a short printed message on a card - lack of language skills, handwriting issues, sending out larger number of cards etc.

And I’ve learned there are many, many ways for people to participate in Postcrossing & all of them have value to someone. There might be ways that some of us don’t appreciate, but all we can do is enjoy what we can in receiving the card & then move along in our Postcrossing journey.


I’d report “please check out my shop” as inappropriate.


I understand your frustration. It is disappointing when it seems like the postcrosser doesn’t put much effort into writing something. I recently got a message that just said, “I hope you like this card.” Nothing else. It is disappointing, but this has been a rarity for me thus far. Most people who have sent me cards have put some effort into what they write, and I love that. There have been a few occasions where the postcrosser went above and beyond and wrote me beautiful detailed cards and sent me lovely gifts (e.g., magnet) in envelopes. I think it’s okay and natural to be frustrated with cards that don’t have much on them, but I think we need to realize that we don’t know their circumstances. They may be ill, disabled (unable to write much), depressed, hurried, or they may be having a bad day, etc. Personally, I think the good outweighs the bad. The beautiful postcards with wonderful messages outweighs the occasional postcard where it seems like there was not much thought put into it. I truly think many people on this platform put in a lot of effort into their cards. Try not let a few disappointing cards mar your overall experience of this platform.


I do agree with @Johnk60

I’ve received some like this with very short messages but they were heavily decorated with stickers and glitter and lot’s of interesting stamps so I don’t worry about those. As others have pointed out, there’s several reasons why people might prefer typing or short messages to something lengthier.

If it was just a short message pointing me to a shop I’d be very annoyed. That isn’t an effort to do something special for another person or connect in any way, it’s just an ad card, really. I would consider that an inappropriate use of Postcrossing and like @johnk60 suggested, check with the admins to see if this violates any guidelines.


I think I only got once a postcard with just a “hello i’m this person please check out my instagram have a good day”. Wasn’t a very pleasing experience lol

I’m fine with printed text, especially if it is long, interesting to read and otherwise wouldn’t fit on the postcard except by writing it in a very tiny way that might become not decipherable. I’m also fine with cards with effort but little writing on it, ive got some that didnt had a lot of text but a very pretty well decorated back.

I ocassionaly get cards with my adress printed, often from countries such as russia or china and ocassionaly print adresses to russia, china or japan, as i really cannot write cyrillic nor Chinese or japanese characters

i suppose its also easier to decipher for the postmen/women if the adress printed :slight_smile:

I only get one printed Card. But thair stand that the one Not speake my language or englisch and need to use a translator. So sorry i Not made These experience

My daughter once received an official postcard with a typed, generic message. After registering it we found out that it was from a pensioner who lived in a nursing home/assisted living home. I was happy that they found a way that they could participate in this hobby. I imagine they enjoy hurray messages and receiving postcards written to them even though due to age and maybe disability they cannot write each outgoing card by hand. Maybe they even get help from a staff member at their residence to send out postcards. That’s just one example of why someone might send such a postcard. The older I get and the crueler the world seems to become, I try to be understanding and give strangers the benefit of the doubt. Though of course I prefer a unique, handwritten postcard in most instances :blush:


I use labels printed with addresses because I feel like postcards get delivered quicker and less likely to get lost vs writing. Especially some of these long international addresses.

As for printing a message sometimes I do write a generic about me on a 2x2 label and put it on the postcard. It depends. I do think my “sticking” is a little bit more effort than what you’re describing tho!

Everyone is different. Everyone has different means and everyone comes from a different place. I remind myself that when I get a card that necessarily doesn’t fit my preferences.

ETA: also my handwriting can only go so small. Once I use different stamps and decoration sometimes it’s not room enough for a message - so that’s when the print out comes in handy.

Sometimes I hear - not enough decoration. Not enough stamps. Not enough words. At this point I feel like it’s a job not a hobby.


I always print ID numbers and often addresses because my handwriting is not great.

I received one very nice card from a woman who typed and pasted a message, making it clear that was due to a vision issue, so that’s understandable.

I have gotten cards for that may have been rushed or sloppy, though I figure that happens to the best of us. I’ve been participating in mail art for almost 30 years and I think expecting everything to be something you like is a good way to be disappointed.

One thing that has surprised me is how many people want temp or weather. If they specify it in their profile, I try to remember, but that is just so not a thing I wonder about when I get cards or that I would normally think would be worth space.

Probably the most unpleasant experience I’ve had on the last year of Postcrossing was that I mentioned I was an artist, but as I was away from my usual nailing stuff, I didn’t include stickers or washi tape and I got kind of a snotty message from this woman. Not snotty enough that I felt like I should report it. I just shrugged it off. Maybe she’d had a bad day.

But one part of me wanted to take the time to make a very official looking artist certificate with my name on it just so I could send her the photo… “I am an artist even if you found the back of my card boring!”


With nearly 3.500 cards recieved and sent, I’ve had my share of printed messages. Sometimes they were generic, probably glued on every outgoing postcard, but sometimes they were personal, mentioning things in my profile.

Sometimes I found an explanation for the printed message in the profile after I registered the cards (e.g. a disabled member getting help with sending cards); in some cases the members explained why they were printing the message - arthritis, broken finger, unreadable handwriting. :upside_down_face: But even if they didn’t, I didn’t assume that they were lazy Postcrossers.

For me there’s no difference between a printed & glued or a handwritten version of a generic, really short message like “happy Postcrossing from…, best wishes”. Such cards aren’t my favourite, I find them a bit disappointing, but who am I to tell others how they should exercise their hobby? It certainly is within the rules to send such a card.

There are some people sending cards which weren’t bought in / don’t show sights of their own country. In your profile you mention tourist sights - I’d assume that I could send you the Eiffel Tower, to share a holiday memory, even though I’m from Germany. :wink:

This is something I probably would report if it really was the only thing the sender wrote on the card. They’re free to book an ad on the Postcrossing website if they want to advertise their shop…


Wow! I don’t use any decoration at all, just not my thing, and no one (official or not) has ever mentioned it. I get the “job” part on the times I’ve made a bit of an extra effort only to get back a basic acknowledgment.

I don’t recall ever getting a printed message area; printed address is fine with me.


It takes all kinds of people to complain about different things. Just pointing out what I’ve experienced.