Late / Delayed Notifications

Since yesterday I stumbled across a weird notification behaviour:

I’m receiving old notifications, several hours delayed. For likes, replies, PMs and quotes.

edit: it happened again, I just got this notification (2nd from top)

after following it, I can see that it’s an old post (17h old)…

The notification below it, is for a much more recent post…

I’ve been experiencing the same, plus a weird phenomenon which may or may not be related: the postbot notification keeps popping up despite the fact that I’ve read the message… and said thank you… and dismissed the notification over and over again. :sweat_smile:

Wonder what is going on.


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:sweat_smile: This also happened to me.

@alter3ch0 the message counter will vanish if you wait a bit, you don’t have to do anything.

Good to know others are experiencing the same. It just started yesterday and I got like 30 notifications like this… it’s annoying :scream:

I also get this old notifications for always the same reply. :roll_eyes:
First I thought the reply was edited, but nope.

It won’t totally. It always comes back. And it’s only the postbot - it doesn’t happen with the other messages. I know I said previously that I wish postbot and I were buddies, but I think it misunderstood me and know keeps asking me to hang out… :sweat_smile:

Oh well, nothing to worry about. A bit annoying, but at least it’s not a internet troll. :joy:

Ok, that sounds like a different issue than what I experienced. When I open a private message, often the counter takes its sweet time to disappear. I don’t really mind, I think I got used to it already. And I don’t have any problems with postbot specifically :thinking:

Yes, sometimes that happens to me too. This specific situation started around the same time I noticed the delay on the notifications. So maybe it’s some general delay/malfunction in the system. :thinking:

Ah. I’ve been getting this too.
One pm was popping up again and again so I muted it.
And I am also getting delayed updates.

I do like how we can dismiss them but it’s not real time yet for me :sweat_smile: glad I’m not the only one too

Me too. But I got the notification per eMail prompt.

I know this one, too. Mostly when browsing the forum with multiple tabs. Reducing it to one and refreshing afterwards helps. Then you may start multi tab browsing again :smiley: But indeed it’s not what I’ve meant here.

For me they didn’t start at the same time. I noticed the not vanishing notifications already on the sandbox, especially when multi tab browsing. But the delayed notifications only started appearing yesterday (for me)

I have disabled Email alerts for them, so I don’t know.

Got this Info some minutes ago , but it was written by Kaelinrae 17 hours ago

Same here, I thought it was me/my email provider. I don’t live here, I usually keep an eye on my email box to see if anyone has replied to me. Earlier today for instance I started a new thread. Some time later I checked my email box. Zero messages about the new thread. Oh well.

Then I came in here anyway, and there were seven replies to the new thread. While typing this I flicked back to email in another window. Still zero about the new thread. (That’s just one example.)

I’m not talking about Email notifications (I have disabled them for most purposes), I’m talking about the notifications at the top right of this forum.

Ok, I haven’t had any notifications on the notifications button either, about the new thread, nor come to think of it, much of the other traffic which I’d usually get notified.

This one just popped up, and it’s seven hours old.

Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 15.24.06

I’ve got a theory, but it’s not much of one. (uneasy-gif)
This forum is overwhelmed with tags, round robins, swaps, games, especially games, tags, and RRs, (have you seen the display under “Latest”?) and the software notifications per individual can’t keep up.

I fund someone mentioning me with @username and no notifications at all.
Maybe ir’s really overwhelming the software, but why happen it never before? To me, it juat started today with the delays)

Nevertheless it should be noted that email notifications aren’t working properly either?

Sure :slight_smile: