Kistefos Museum, Jevnaker. July 25, 2021

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Jevnaker, Viken, Norway
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Kistefos Museum, outside Kafé Consulen
:calendar: DATE: Sunday July 25, 2021
:alarm_clock: TIME: 10:30
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: Have a look around at the museum, write some postcards (hopefully they do sell postcards there now), chat, maybe eat something at Kafé Consulen.
Bring a blanket or a chair to sit on, so that we can sit outside on the lawn.
Do also bring a face mask to wear indoors (museum shop, the Twist etc).



How to get there


There’s two parking lots, on the north and south side of the museum.

If you’re coming by car from Oslo/Drammen , I recommend the southern parking lot, as that’s the shortest route. Follow E16 until you get to the roundabout at Norderhov, by Ringvold Frukthage (called “Eplehagen” locally, because of all the apple trees. There’s a lot of them! You will know you’re there when you get there!). Then take the 1st exit in the roundabout, towards Jevnaker (“241 Jevnaker”). Continue along that road until the signs tells you to turn left to Kistefos, by a farm where you might see some cows and calves.

It’s also possible to follow E16 almost all the way. Just take the 2nd exit in the previously mentioned roundabout at Norderhov (“E16 Bergen Gardermoen Hønefoss”). Then follow the signs that says “E16 Gardermoen”/“E16 Jevnaker”. Turn right when you get to CircleK at Bergermoen, there’s a sign that says Kistefos there. If you miss that exit, follow the road down the hill and take the next exit to the right. It’s a sign that says Kistefos there as well.

The southern parking lot did get full many times last year. I don’t know about the parking lots at the northern side, though. But you might get told to drive via Jevnaker to get to the other parking area.

P.S. The southern parking lot is relatively close to the book swap cabinet in Gamleveien 60 in Almgrenda. See the arrow in the first map. If you want to visit this, I recommend parking the car in the intersection between Gamleveien and Gjørudveien. It’s kind of a roundabout there, and it’s the most ideal place nearby to park. Then there’s only a few meters walking to get to the book swap cabinet.
It’s a relatively easy detour from road 241. You can enter Gamleveien from two places, north and south of the intersection to Kistefos. But there’s light regulation due to road construction at the northern intersection, so I recommend the southern intersection, by Discovery International School (former Åsbygda skole). For some reason, google maps shows the wrong location for Åsbygda school.

P.S: If you’re doing Stolpejakten, there’s 2 maps at Jevnaker. And 2 in Hønefoss.


Would love to join, but not so sure. Put me on tentative list, please. :slight_smile:

I hope we’ll see you at the meetup @pinayodyssey!

Since the meetup is on a Sunday, it will be challenging to get there solely by public transport. But it might be possible to hitchhike with other postcrossers if they’re driving a car. I won’t guarantee anything, though.

I live relatively close to the museum, so I’ll most likely bicycle or walk there.

Ja, that is mainly my concern, as I don’t have a driving license yet. I’m thinking of taking the train to Hønefoss, and then a taxi, as suggested on the website. Will let you know as soon as I know. :smiley:

This interests me as well, and maybe @LeishaCamden too, who might have access to a car? :grin:

I’m interested, if I can get there. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you can get to the train station in Hønefoss, I might be able to pick you up there, if there’s no other option.

I’m definitely interested! But as my plans are right now, I will possibly/probably be in home quarantine that day, after a visit across the border. If only it was the Sunday after … !!

On July 5th there will be changes in the travel restrictions and the home quarantine thing may not apply after all. So I will have to wait till after that to make a decision.

I’m not at home the Sunday after. But if that Sunday or another Saturday/Sunday or other day works better for all of you, we can change the date.

Nah, it’s better to pick a date and run with it, you’ll never find a date that works for everyone.

I’m very interested. But the public transportation isn’t good on Sunday.
So I’m thinking of going the day before and book me in at a hotel, maybe Thorbjørnrud hotel if it’s vacant. Maybe glamping :grinning: Then I can attend the meetup and might visit Hadeland Glassverk on Monday after and leave on Tuesday. It depends if it will be a meetup though since it’s only one attending so far. Fingers crossed :slightly_smiling_face:

I cross my fingers, hoping someone will join me at Kistefos!

This is a great idea! I’m slow sometimes, I only just realized I have summer vacation for one more week at this point and could totally do something like this :sweat_smile: Maybe I can even get Rundstykket to come with!

That would be great😊 I have summer vacation at that time. I have sent a request to the hotel, but I haven’t heard anything yet. If it’s no vacant, I will try in Hønefoss.

If you end up staying at Thorbjørnrud Hotel, Hadeland Glassverk is definitively worth a visit. They have the Monet & Friends exhibtion there now. It’s a different kind of exhibition and it might be worth visiting just because it’s a different kind of exhibition!

Det ser ut til at du kan booke via hjemmesiden deres:

Hm, nå må jeg tenke på saken jeg også. Har ikke ferie i juli (med mindre jeg kan hyle meg til en dag avspassering), men kan dra opp lørdag og hjem søndag.

Ikke hvis du skal bestille glamping. Det kom ikke opp.

I called the hotel and booked room/glamping from Saturday till Tuesday, so I’m coming to the meetup. Never been to Kistefos Museum so that will be great to visit.

Rundstykket is up for it! We’re thinking of staying in Hønefoss for two nights (Saturday-Monday). If someone with a car can pick us up there for the meetup on Sunday, we’d be thrilled - otherwise we’ll take a cab. Let us know if someone wants to share cab fare!

This is assuming Sweden/Värmland turns green by then and Rundstykket doesn’t have to do a 3-day quarantine, since we’re coming back from Sweden only a few days before this. If he has to, then I guess I’ll be doing Hønefoss by myself. :stuck_out_tongue: We haven’t booked a hotel yet, but new EU travel info should be coming on July 5 re Värmland, so will do so then.

Will update the list when I’m home. Easier to do it on a laptop than on the phone!