Keeping getting the same countries

If about a third of users are from Germany, this makes sense.


Ukraine was a major participant. Those people currently unable to join in is bound to squiff things for a while.
I’ve said before writing to and receiving from Germany is fast reliable and varied as its a huge country of interesting people.
I look through collections of people with thousands of cards & those cards represent such a small part of the UK.
US has 50 states mostly bigger than the UK - so many fascinating people to connect with … go explore the world


And while I understand the excitement of getting a card from a country you haven’t before or even a more rare one, if it’s really all about connecting and not collecting, then as others have pointed out, even people from the same country are different, with different culture, religion, background, and will still be interesting to meet and learn about.


I have many cards to Russia on the way. They take a long time. So I just have to be patient. Also many addresses in Germany and America. That’s totally fine. Big countries with many different interesting people😊


I’m from Italy and I’m still receiving adresses to Russian Federation. I have no problem with Russian people or any people from any other countries, but unfortunately, due to this war, I can’t send mail to Russia (which is on postcrossingongoing mail suspensions)…


The Postal Monitor doesn’t seem to have any restriction between Italy and Russia. If mail is suspended and you have information from the Italian postal service, you could report it on the mails suspensions thread:

That way Postcrossing will know to block the route and you won’t receive Russian addresses


The information we have is that letter post items (eg: postcards) from Italy to Russia is still working, although likely with delays.

The full list of working countries for Poste Italiane is in this file (2nd page) and there’s an additional page specifically about Russia/Ukraine/Belarus: in it it says that while some services to Russia are suspended, that doesn’t seem to be the case with regular mail (eg: not express) through which postcards travel.

I have seen from other Italian postcrossers that cards sent from Italy to Russia have arrived, perhaps slowly but they have.

I can confirm that all my postcards sent to Russia have arrived, and vice versa, although they say mail from Slovenia is not delivered there.
Also, one of my cards arrived to India for the first time in ages after 109 days traveling :partying_face:


Hi, I’m a newer user of postcrossing, and I want to share a doubt. Nowadays, I receive so many postcards from Germany. I’ve received 71 postcards in total and 17 of it are from Germany. It is normal? It’s possible to avoid receiving postcards from a specific country?

Thank you so much! Best wishes!

Hi! To answer your questions :

  • It is normal because Germany is a country where most of active postcrossers are from (active sending)
  • And no, it’s impossible to avoid receiving from certain countries

You may check this thread too


I think you’ll find all the answers here in the previous answers of this post but just wanted to say that the forum here is the best place if you want to “pick” your countries. You may partecipate on tags, RRs, etc and there you may choose where to send or to receive from. Good luck :relaxed::heartpulse:


I second this very good advice! Also as your card collection grows you will find a larger selection of countries.

Also Germany is a beautiful country and one to enjoy on postcards.


There are many active users from Germany. I remember when Poland was very active but then stamp prices have gotten cosmically high :wink:. When you have the choice of buying dinner or sending one postcard, the vast majority will say that they prefer to eat over enjoying a hobby. 17/71 aren’t that much. I don’t mind receiving postcards from Germany or other “popular” countries :blush:. Every member is different. View it as an opportunity to learn about different regions and cultures within the same country. Such a request might seem inappropriate. I mean… Do you have anything against Germany? Because someone might think it was like that.

You may be interested in joining round robins or tag games. That’s a good advice.


See the 2nd chart.


beautifully said :blush:

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Totally normal - most people receive about 20% of their cards from Germany. It is the most active country. 21.8% of my received are from Germany, according to my stats page (you can see everybody’s stats on their profile) - 102 out of 457.

As others said, it’s not possible to pick countries - that’s the whole point of Postcrossing, the surprise! (okay less surprising when you know that one every 4-5 cards is from Germany, but still ;)). But if you want to choose or vary, then yes just make arrangements with people on the forum :slight_smile:


Just a little follow up on that rant I made a couple of months ago. Some of the repeated countries expired, but one was registered a few days after it expired, and the person that got it was so happy and it was such a joyful Hurray message that it made me happy.

Postcrossing can override my settings any time it wants and I will make more people happy.


When I was in Mexico for a 2 week holiday…I was getting assigned countries that I’ve never sent postcards to before

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Thanks a lot for your answer! :wink: :wink: