Just some questions to every postcrosser

  1. If someday you receive a postcard from another postcrossing user, but you don’t like it. how would you deal with this postcard?
    2.If someday you find you ran out of space for storing postcards that you received, what would you do?
    3.If you direct swap with another postcard collector. You sent the proof to that postcard collector with the postcard written and stamped. However, maybe after a few months, that postcard collector returned to you and said:Hey I didn’t receive your postcard, would you please resend me one?
    In this case, will you resend the postcard?
  1. I take the stamp and put the postcard in the bin (normally I save it still for sometime, because maybe later I like it)

  2. I don’t see that happening, but I would go through them and destroy the ones I don’t like or look if I can make more room for them

  3. (I don’t send proof), but after a normal travel time I ask did they get it, and talk do I send another, or do we wait. If it doesn’t arrive, some just accept mail can disappear, or I can send a new card.

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Your questions do not belong to #postcrossing:suggestions .

We already have separate topics for all your questions, which you should use.
That’s why I’m closing this topic right now, because it doesn’t make sense to discuss these questions here again.

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For officials etc, where I have no control of which postcard I receive, I’d just say something like “I’ve received your postcard. Thank you.” and then keep it anyway or throw it away if I really dislike it.
If it was for a swap (or a RR or tag) where we had agreed on sending a specific postcard or a specific type of postcard, I would probably tell that I was dissapointed because they didn’t send what they said they would send.

Hard question. But I think I’d go through the postcards and remove the ones I like the least and give them away or sell them or throw them away. Maybe a nursing home would like to get a pile of Christmas postcards before Christmas for instance?

I know the mail can get lost, so I’d resend. Of course, there’s no way I could tell if the first postcard had really arrived or not.

The second one happen to me a lot. You know, I am an international student in the USA(currently back in China at home for summer holiday). I got myself a small apartment near my university in the USA. That apartment was really small, and sometimes crowed. It just a bedroom in a big shared town house, with private bed, bathroom, a desk and chair, a refrigerator and a closet. And I have to store every personal daily stuff in it, from passport,I20 form, bank card, to clothes for all year round, and even medicine. That means I don’t have much space for postcards. So when I ran out of space for postcards, I just send those postcards I don’t want to someone who want it, maybe set up a lottery or swap for something I need.

The third one happened to me too. I will only resend if it is my fault, for example writing the wrong address.Because I feel it is unfair for me to resend if the lost is not due to my fault.

  1. If it’s an official card, I’d register it with just a short message like “thank you for the postcard”. Also the extend of my answer would definitely depends on the reason why “I didn’t like the postcard”, in case I could make a comment to the sender or if there’s some infringement of Postcrossing rules I’d contact help moderators.
  2. I’d upload front and back pictures and donate some that aren’t my favourites to organizations, old people homes or schools that could use them for learning activities (covering the addresses and personal information)
  3. If I send proof I do not resend. Same thing if a postcard from a trade do not arrive, I may -after a reasonable time-ask politely if they remembered to send it, if they show me proof I do not ask them to resend.

These are the topics where your questions belong.
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