June 15th 2024 - meetup in Maanshan,Anhui Province

:world_map: CITY/REGION:Maanshan

:round_pushpin:MEETUP PLACE:印象汇

:spiral_calendar:DATE: June 15

:alarm_clock:TIME: 13:00-15:00


1.Introduce yourself.

2.Share postcards

3.Writing postcards to friends



so nice

I would like card A please.

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The postcards are so cute in design :pleading_face::heart: I really liked A B & D I would love to have them :smiling_face: ofc in a swap. Have a great time ya all :smiling_face::heart:

Hello! I really liked the first postcard. My postcards to exchange Открытки для обмена – 188 Bilder | VK


halo :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
can u send your offer to me :hugs:

do you want to swap with me? :hugs:
if yes,can you send your offer to me?

:hugs:let me see…
i can reply to you later

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Hello may I exchange this two with you?

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Hello! These postcards are free. I will exchange with you. What kind of postcards do you want to offer?

what would you like? please share some of your interests so that i can see if I have anything to offer

l like cute postcard!

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I jave Beatrix Potter.
Will that work?
will share some in a while.

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you can send your offer to me when you are free
i like cutee card :hugs:

Hello :four_leaf_clover:
I will be glad to swap, my offer → Встречные ОБМЕН/SWAP – 80 Bilder | VK
If VK is not working, you can view my offer in IG @varsipolka

sent message to your ig already!

Hi,I have the dragonboat one ,I wanna exchange a dolphin postcard in your album

Hi, who wants to exchange these postcards with me :pleading_face:? Here is my album: Cards | Zonerama.com

Hello! I will be happy to swap for the first postcard.

My albums:
Postcards - Cards for exchange | Zonerama.com
Fandom, Fantasy, Movies etc - Exchange_Fandom_Movies | Zonerama.com
Harry Potter cards - Harry Potter | Zonerama.com
Blue Cats - https://bit.ly/40bCVh9
Maxi-cards - MaxiCards | Zonerama.com
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Is anyone willing to swap for this card?


here’s my offers:
mcrxmy | Zonerama.com and mcrxmy | Zonerama.com

please send me a message if you’re interested, thanks! :wink: