June 15th 2024 - meetup in Maanshan,Anhui Province


Hi, I would really like to receive this postcard, see if something is suitable for you В ожидании адреса – Google Drive

Hello! :seedling:
I will be glad to swap for this card

Here is my offers:
Моя Россия | Zonerama.com and Иллюстрации | Zonerama.com
Please send me a message if you’re interested
Thanks! :tulip:

Have a great day!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’d be happy to trade for all (or any) of the postcards from these meetups.
I suggest ANY postcards from my albums: Tormoz_Katya | Zonerama.com (or the same thing, but on a different site 📨Свободны для обмена📨 — Яндекс Диск)