January 2023 German mail strike does not take place

Looking for information, or clarification, whether this is affecting everyone more-or-less the same, or whether some customers are receiving little or nothing, while service for others seems more-or-less normal?

Thank you

Difficult to answer - we had mail every day so far - I was surprised myself!


I received mail today as well - as I hear only the distribution centers are affected.

So this will most likely cause some delays. Depends on whether they’ll go on even more strikes in the next days/weeks.

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I had no mail yesterday, but today I got some postcards.
I guess mail could take some days longer than usual now but afaik the strike will end today so it should go back to normal until the end of next week.

We’ll see if there’s a new strike in February.


I didn’t get any receive any mail yesterday and today — in my state, a part of the delivery workers were also on strike already yesterday :pensive:

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No mail for me the last two days. Not every postal worker is able to / allowed to strike. Some are still civil servants (not allowed to strike), some are not member of the trade union.

But there will be delays, this is only the first round of strike(s). Let’s see how it continues.


In Berlin we had no mail on Friday and Saturday.

This is first time I hear about it. So far, post has been delivered, even today 2 pieces came.
(northern Germany)

It was just a warning strike that has ended now.
The trade unions are in negotiations with Deutsche Post for higher wages.
Longer strikes may only take place, when the negotiations are declared to have failed. So no reason to worry right now.

Yesterday I had mail, today none, but I have more cards received than send.

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No post on friday, saturday and today monday…

Its goin on

I got mail last week and also today and the mail I put into the mailbox today, is travelling. So it looks like it dependes on the regions.


No mail since Friday. And for tomorrow strike is announced for my region (NĂĽrnberg).

During the last week or two, there were partial strikes, sometimes only in the centers where the letters are sorted, and sometimes at the places from where the letters are delivered to the public. I think it depends what the union people (ver.di?) decides, who strikes and for how long. And even IF there are strikes at one place, not every worker does it (or is allowed to), so itˋs basically a lottery if one still gets his mail even if there is an active strike. :crazy_face:

From tomorrow on there will be new conference between union and Deutsche Post. Please cross fingers, that they will find an agreement, although 15% more salary is a really ambitious challenge. :wink:


Deutsche Post has already announced to have an offer. And on the other hand we are having the highest inflation ever since World War II.

There was no agreement between union and Deutsche Post concerning higher salary, so Germany will run into a postal-strike without time-limit very soon. Hard times for German postcrossers will come, so sad. :frowning:

It’ll be just as hard for the rest of us.


So far I was not affected by the strike. We will see how it goes

Won’t it affect all of us? Any postcards we have travelling to Germany won’t reach their recipient and so won’t be registered.

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