It's official! New cheaper rate for postcards from Australia! [or maybe not! please read and use your own judgement]


$2.60 to NZ, $2.90 to Asia-Pacific, $3.00 to the rest of the world.

This says ‘Greeting Card’, but that is defined below to include postcards. Nice to have that confirmed, which means that the Christmas rate was always intended to include postcards.


Let’s all leap for joy!


Of course, I literally just ordered some $3.50 stamps.

And they don’t actually sell a $3.00 stamp.


They have to be sent inside an envelope for these prices - which is such a shame!


But it says sealed in an envelope (greeting card only) which sounds like only greeting cards need be in an envelope. Is that not right? :thinking:


Correct! If you want to send your postcard inside and envelope you can use the greetings card rate to send it slightly cheaper. If you’re sending it as intended (as a postcard) it follows the small letters rates.


I read that as saying it covers postcards and greeting cards.

The first dot point says “a card or postcard”.

The last one says envelopes are only required for greeting cards - ie postcards do not need to be sent in an envelope.


Ah, I read it the same way as Helen — that the rate applies to both greeting cards and postcards provided they meet the ensuing conditions (size, etc) but that the final condition applies only to greeting cards.

Hopefully some official clarification about “naked” postcards will show up :grinning:


I questioned it when the christmas rate was applied in Nov/Dec and was told the greeting card rate only applies to things in envelopes. It also states under small letters that unenclosed postcards are at the small letter post rate:

Auspost have a live chat if you wanted to double check, but when I asked that’s what I was told.


I was just on the Australia Post shop and it appears that prepaid postcards have increased in price to $2.55

Ah gosh that’s so annoying because I never do envelopes :sweat_smile: thank you for following up!

Darn, I didn’t even read that section, because it seemed so obvious to me that postcards are in the bottom category. There is not much logic to excluding them from that bottom category.

I still think these two sections are contradictory. Maybe someone just didn’t update the existing description for small letters?

I will follow up with Aus Post and hope for some clarity…

I really hope I haven’t misled everyone.


the old old system of
greeting cards/postcards - one rate
letters - another rate
worked well

this new system of 5 different rates PLUS now new card ones - different again for each region - will take some adjustment

here’s a suggestion - make sure you have the link ready or a print of new rates when you go for supplies

@eeyoreinoz - saw that one coming with the year of the rabbit at $2.55 in the new bulletin - not much notice, certainly nothing on the auspost site about pricing changes - i needed to go for a drive to find some of those prepaid cards around the state but there just weren’t enough days :face_holding_back_tears:

@helent - how many stamps did you buy? i still send letters, though i do like to use a combination of different values - i could buy some from you, maybe all…

good news, kind of, re new card rate - i guess every 50c helps!



I read the website the same as Helen. I know for the seasonal rate they had to be in an envelope, but I don’t think they do anymore… Fingers crossed!

Unfortunately the notes for the new ‘Everyday Greeting Card rate’ read to me as if an envelope is required…despite how ridiculous this is (it makes the item heavier, bulkier and more materials intensive)…so I lodged an enquiry through Australia Post’s online help portal.

Now I’m banging my head against a wall because I’ve just received a lengthy reply from an absolutely clueless person who sounds like they haven’t even heard of the new rate and proceeded to blather on about Australia Post having a Community Service obligation to offer a standard $1.20 rate from everywhere in Australia to everywhere else in Australia. I’m like…WT?? I asked about the new ´Everyday Greeting Card’ rate! I must not have been clear in my wording.

So I’ve just replied again, with clear messaging regarding it being an international rate for cards and postcards up to 50 grams, and hopefully laid it out in simpler terms for them.

Fingers crossed.
@helent have you heard anything definitive through your enquiries, regarding the use of an envelope?


I’ve had the same result as you - responses that clearly don’t actually address my question…

I’m choosing to believe that the logical position, that postcards are included in the greeting card rate, is correct. I have sent a couple since 1 Jan with a $3 stamp and they have just started arriving.

At our meet up yesterday, other people reported being told in the post office that the $3 rate applies to postcards.

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Yeah I just received a second response that was babbling on about tracking and non-trackable envelopes in response to me question. It is super disappointing in terms of customer service value. Mind-boggling ridiculous!

Oh, and I have no doubt that postcards are included in the greeting card rate, it’s just that it clearly states that an envelope must be used. The bracketed part that states (for Greeting Card only) I understand to mean that the envelope must contain the greeting card only…where a greeting card is • a card or postcard …which is the definition in the list immediately above it. So either a card or a postcard - and must be included in an envelope.

But if it’s working for you without an envelope, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it keeps working that way. :+1:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

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This is basically where I’m at with it. I’m going to send regular, ‘naked’ cards with $3 postage and wear the consequences if they don’t arrive — but I think they will.


I just replied to my Aust Post email chain with an ‘are you kidding me’ message due to the crazy non-related answers I was getting and got this message below:

Which does actually address the whole postcard/envelope situation…but goes on to say the rate no longer exists.
Please also note that I never once called it a ‘promotion’ in my previous three messages to them.

So now I’m on to iteration four of my request…and am directing them to their own document at:

…where the rate in question is detailed on page 30.

The long and the short of it is, IMO, that NOT ONE SINGLE EMPLOYEE of our national postal service help desk has ANY IDEA AT ALL what they are doing. So yeah…your postcard without envelope has as much chance of getting through the system with $3 postage, as any other piece of mail has of getting anywhere at all :rofl:!

And yes…I’m sorry for tarring them all with the same brush but seriously…how hard can it be to answer this question? Very, very hard…obviously!


It’s astonishing how bad they are at this.