Is there only 1 USA canada Round Robin

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Not sure if I am searching in the right places….is there more than 1 round robin for canada and USA?
As the one I found is for 30 participants, I was wondering if there are any for 10 p.c ( 5 to USA and 5 to Canada) which seems reasonable amount to send at once….

Appreciative of your guidance

Mdmsamm :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Not quite the same but under the North American language community there is a US/Canada tag which can be fun. Also there are many round robins there, open to people from US and Canada. Since there are many more US than Canadian Postcrossers you would be very welcome to add to the Canadian numbers :blush:

@TwasBrillig appreciate your note…so when I search do I just add American RR…and that is mostly Americans, is that what you are saying,for the cost of int stamps, we can send twice as many to N.A. So that is what I am thinking….

When you click on Forum, there’s a list of categories, and the one at the bottom is Language and Geographic Communities. Under that is North America - click on that and it takes you to a list of subtopics. Poke around there and there will be many Tags and Round Robins.

I don’t know about Canadian postage rates, but US to US is much cheaper than International. US to Canada costs the same as any other international destination although fat envelopes to Canada (1 to 2 oz) don’t go up like they do with other countries. Who knows why??? But it might be cheaper Canada to US than Canada to other international destinations.

Also under North America there is at least one All-Canadian subgroup, which is probably much cheaper for you!

@TwasBrillig so What is cost for US to Canada…our cost to Us is 1.30 and international is 2.71. Within Canada 1.07, if we buy purchase stamps in a booklet they are only .92.

I will search with your guidance, thanks again…found it, did not even know about this …cool

@mdmsamm US sending to Canada is $1.30 USD which is $1.66 Canadian

US to US is 40 cents (US) if postcard, 58 cents (US) if a letter.

We have the alternative RR here, which opens every month after the big RR with 30 people closes!

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Also, NA Colors and NA Alphabet are very fun RRs open to both US and Canada!


I’ve belonged to this RR (Traveling Envelope) for years. There are a few Canadian members active with it too. Check it out!

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@TwasBrillig mmm so the cost for both of us is the same but we have to play double within Canada and you pay less than half….I would be so elated if we only had to pay .50 per card, I would send thousands. Lol NOT… it a few more anyway ….

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@LaurenceB ahhh c’est bon information…Merci bien.

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@cliffside thank you for this, it really is who you know to obtaining info…I will peek at this too…

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all the RRs were born of a desire for a specific type…if you are willing to host you can start up a new one for specific swaps. You just apprise Fisherman of the location link to your new topic and he adds it to the list he keeps updated of all RRs.

@Angeldreamer thank you Cynthia…when things settle a bit here I will certainly consider, maybe a floral and vintage theme,…so the name yo mention this is someone who looks after all rr’s

yes, fisherman is one of the super moderators in the forum. He closes out groups that the host has gone MIA and helps to reassign new hosts etc. He keeps an index of all current and past groups. I just don’t know where that index has been moved to in this new forum. You can also at any time start your own TAG…if you want to start a floral and vintage themed tag, I think that would get more interest initially perhaps than a single themed RR group that has to be moderated. Tags are pretty much self sustaining :smiley:

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Here is the list:


@Angeldreamer i like that idea…just did a tag, really dove in weeks ago…absolutely love the warmth.
So appreciate the suggestion…

I have been working on some new pc…just completed some…

I do watercolours sooooo love florals…

You matter Mdm samm

my email preview showed me the watercolors but i am not seeing them on the topic…anyway, OMG you are an ARTIST!! I love all of your postcards and I think even those people that say they don’t like homemade cards…well, yours would be works of art and they would definitely like them. YES! people will be happy to receive those for sure. I will go check out your new tag and maybe be the first to tag you!!! I love all things floral as well :smiley:

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