Is there an app for this site?

I’d be curious to see if there’s an actual mobile app for this website and if not it would be a great idea! I’ve already told others about this wonderful site as well as mailing my first batch of postcards off for the site!


I have investigated that before but unfortunately there is no app of Postcrossing yet :frowning:

Soon, hopefully. That’d be fun


Postcrossing is in the process of making the website more mobile friendly and we are rolling out the changes progressively.

We are aware that our current mobile support is rather poor, but we have been working on improving this.

Note that this won’t be a mobile app but a responsive/mobile friendly version of the website, so that it can work on virtually all mobile platforms.


Thanks for your help. There are some other apps for postcards I found in case someone devoted wants to send more cards.

These apps you mention are not Postcrossing ones. If they are using the Postcrossing website then any user using them is not protected by the Postcrossing TOS and Privacy conditions and certainly not any password security.

Ooh, I would love that. Right now it’s not smooth on mobile :sweat_smile: thanks for filling us in

It’s for the same purpose but a different site.

I use the Discourse app for the postcrossing forum :slight_smile:

Ok, so what do you all do there?

Sorry, I don’t understand your question. What does who where?

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What happens in the discord?

Oh no wait, it isn’t Discord, like the gamer chat.
It’s Discourse Hub, which gives you real time notifications

I use my phone for on here and it’s mostly good. An app would be even better! :grin: Definitely no complaints here though.

Discourse is the forum software that is used in this forum, it doesn’t have anything to do with discord as far as I know. :wink:
You can download the app and connect it to And then you can get notifications on your mobile phone, too. It’s a bit like a postcrossing app, I think. But it only works on iPhone and Android.

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It’s funny because I literally found a discord for postcrossing!

Do you mean a discord group? There is a facebook group, too, as far as I know

Someone in the old forum posted about opening a discord. I had never heard of discord before :upside_down_face:

Sorry I only speak English.

Could you please translate your post to English @PUST3BLUM3N? According to the Community guidelines we have to write in English (unless we post in the #communities or #meetups sections.
Quote: “English is the official language of the forum, and this language should be used throughout the forum — except on the Language and Geographical communities, and on the Meetups sections.”