Is there a way how to prevent the picture of the card you sent showing on your profile (wall)?

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I’m fairly new to Postcrossing, so I thought to ask. :blush: There are some cards I’m about to send that I wouldn’t like to have featured on my wall. (i.e. topics that someone else prefers, but I don’t like them that much personally) So I wonder if there’s some way how to prevent those from being added to my profile? I thought about simply not uploading the picture, however, couldn’t the person that received the card simply bypass this by uploading the picture of the card on their own?

Many thanks for possible replies!

You don’t have to put them in postcrossing. usually people don’t upload the pictures that I’ve noticed in the past. Sometimes it’s too much work for them I’ve even had people delete the pictures of the ones I uploaded. But if they do upload the picture you can ask them to take it down when they write you to thank you. but if they really like the picture and they don’t want to take it down then there’s no way of getting it off your page.

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There is: Do not send those cards.
You cannot command the addressee to not upload the pictures.


Thanks for you reply but someone mentioned they want somewhat racy card. No other wishes, so I guess I have to send it. However, I’m not absolutely sure I want to have those featured on my profile, thus the question.

Thanks, this helps a lot and it’s good to know! :heart:

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Not true. They are wishes and they don’t need to be followed. That’s not the point of postcrossing - I don’t have such cards so I wouldn’t go out of the way to obtain one, I’d just send what I have.

I always upload the pictures of everything I send and receive (if not uploaded by the sender already), so I wouldn’t know that the sender wouldn’t want it uploaded, I just do it because I like a complete wall.


No, you do not need to send a certain kind of card! They are not allowed to make demands! If you feel like compelled to send a certain kind of kards, you should report the profile to the support by using the contact form on the main page! You are free to send some card that you do not dislike.

Edit: You are also not allowed to make demands. Your profile could be more welcoming, to be honest.


You can look if they keep everything uploaded. If there is much less photos in the received wall than actual received, then maybe they don’t upload the picture if the sender didn’t.

I would not upload it, and then hope the receiver won’t either.
Normally I upload every card (at some point), but if someone would ask me if I could remove the image, I would.
(Also, most often I don’t think the sent cards tell much about the sender. For example I’ve sent naked men cards, but I don’t want such cards and no one has never sent such, even though there is no mention about it in my profile.)


Absolutely this! I send out a lot of cards that I would not have picked for myself. Because I know others enjoy them… I send out whatever matches the drawn profile best. I don’t care for e.g. train postcards, but I have some on hand, because I know there are people outside just LOVING them. The greatest joy (for me) is making the person happy who receives my card.


I wouldn’t send a card I wasn’t willing to have on my wall.

I don’t have to love them all, but if I didn’t want particular images on my wall, I wouldn’t send it in the first place.


I once did it. I sent it in an envelope, together with another card and asked on a small note to only upload the other card :wink: The user asked for a specific kind of selfmade card and I was too embarassed about my result, but it took me too much time to just put it in the bin :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I always presume, that the picture of the send card says someting about the sender, for the sender ist the one, who buys the card and I would not spend money for a card I do not like.


For me, some of my sent cards say a lot about who I am. Those ones I bought individually and specifically. A lot of my sent cards, however, came in auction lots off ebay or from others’ collections and aren’t themes I’m interested in at all. However, I will still send them because the recipient might like them.


Agreed. I’m a little turned off by OP’s ‘do not want’ list to be honest. If I drew your name I would be nervous about sending basically anything.

I do not have a “do not want”-list, but you replied to my posting, @jaenelle , do you really mean me?

@RalfH No, sorry, I was referring to OP but it replied to you somehow! Sorry!

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Okay, I just wondered! :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree with others who say that if you don’t want a particular postcard to appear on your sent wall, then don’t send that postcard. Send another postcard regardless of the recipient’s “wishes”.

Personally, I don’t judge what other people send because there are so many people who try to match the wishes of the recipient. And even if the card sent does indicate what topics the sender (or the recipient for that matter) likes, what is it to me that they like that particular topic? It’s not like anyone’s forcing me to be friends with anyone with totally different interests than me.


I have to agree with the people answering… Nowhere does it state that you have to send the postcard that the receiver wants and you do not have to acquire such cards! I have had several people listening their “likes” and I don’t have anything close. Example: a lot of people like cats and, sure I’ve been tempted to buy a pack of cat cards for those people. But I’m violently allergic to the dang things and even the thought of sending out some albeit cute cat card just makes my nose run!



Yes, I actually agree in some way :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Occasionally I buy things I know others like, and I don’t so much (but also I don’t hate that topic or it don’t make me disgusted).
So even if I know some like Tom of Finland, I wouldn’t buy the ones that look too violent to me (I actually don’t know if these are made for cards). And the majority of cards I send, are cards I like, because the buying is more fun then.

So, I have sent cards I am not hoping to have, but wouldn’t feel offended to get them either.
Because if someone were very opposed to nude persons in cards, maybe they would not buy them at all in the first place.

And if @Whispering_Goblin you are worried about how some cards look on your wall, then only buy cards you really like, and send them :slight_smile:
At the moment I don’t have any cards I’d call racy, so I would just send something I feel like sending.