Interface changes (category colors and dark mode)

Just a quick note on a couple of forum updates we’re making today!

  • We’re changing the colors of some of the categories, to make them more distinct. When we first configured the forum, we didn’t really understand how visually important these colors would be… so we just picked some pretty rainbow colors, which turned out to result in poor usability. :weary: For instance, it makes no sense that “meetups”, “games” and “language discussions” are all shades of green… Anyway, we’re fixing that today by picking some better colors for each category, which will hopefully help reduce confusion between them.

  • On one of the latest updates, Discourse (the forum software we’re using) introduced support for automatic Dark Mode, and changed a bit how themes work in the process. To adapt to this, our previous themes will be transformed into a light and a dark color scheme.

    If you have your device set up to automatically use Dark Mode at a certain hour of the day and activate this option on your Interface preferences, the forum theme will automatically switch at the right time to a darker theme. Sadly, this change means that everyone who was using the old darker grey theme will be moved to the lighter one (as there is no correspondence between the old themes and the new color schemes), but you can change right back in your Interface preferences.

I hope these changes are not too disruptive, and that on the long run they will give the community a better experience on the forum!


Oh thank you and good luck!!!
So will the forum page be more colorful?
Thanks for your effort and have a great day

The colored boxes are so small that I don’t think it will be more colorful, in the end… :sweat_smile: It’s just replacing some colors by others that are more distinct.

Oh I see.
So it’s time to have a test for my eyes.
I’ll wait and thanks!!
Ha ha

Just my two cents…
For me, an adept of dark mode, now the dark mode has too much colour :sweat_smile:
The house, search, and hamburguer menus in blue are too bright for me, and also the red and blue bar at the top of everything. I understand it’s to make the forum more postcrossing-ish, but, my eyes!!! :face_with_spiral_eyes:
But, I’ll live with that (maybe using sunglasses when reading the forum) :sunglasses:


That would indeed be more visually satisfying… but it’s better that the order in which the categories are listed does not change.

No, I don’t think that’s possible. The blue there is the color of the links in the site. If we changed the date to dark purple, it would barely be readable against the black background, I think.

Yeah, I think we had forgotten to add the little airmail strip to the dark mode… :sweat_smile: so that was also fixed in this update, and there might have been some color adjustments for the sake of contrast, but nothing major, I think. I hope you’ll be able to adjust! :pray:

I love that contrast is better now! :heartpulse:
Is the colour of round robin subsection on games and activities supposed to be different colour? (in unread round robins marked with double colour square)

No, that was my mistake! :sweat_smile: Changing all these colors was an epic odyssey, so there might be some misses here and there.


Here too, but I hope I will get used to it.

I think I once noticed, that hichlighted text in dark mode is hard to read, (I had posted it somewhere in the help section, I think).
Does this update also inculde some sort of change for the font color or background color of highlighted posts?

I noticed today colours of some categories changed, but my brain just supposed that it might be that colour from the beginning, thank you for update:). otherwise I’ll be thinking it was the changed colour all along😆

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I agree on this. Way too bright for a dark mode!

For all people having problems with it: there are tons of browser addons around that let you easily change colours. E.g. “Dark Reader”. I adjusted this site now for myself with high greyscale values. Now there are no longer any bright colours :blush:

Looks like this



Unfortunately I have to agree to 100 % to this.

And as an addition if I look to long to the purple color I get headache :dotted_line_face: (it’s not the color itself - I LOVE purple. It’s just that “strange” brightness).

I’ll try this, hope it’s available for Chrome (or some like this):


Thank you very much for the information. I was surprised to find it in light mode again. The contrast is a bit strong, I agree on that. :see_no_evil:
Will it be possible to choose dark mode on the main pc page as well or will it be only available for the forum?

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Hoping someone techy can help me.
When the recent changes were made to the forum (dark mode etc) my forum display went bananas! I played around with settings to get something readable, but I now seem to be viewing the forum through some sort of pseudo-app. The main site is ok.
The upshot is that I can no longer use ‘translate’.

I’m an Android user, and was using Chrome to view both the main site and the forum.

Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the ‘app’ and back to viewing the forum directly from chrome?


Thanks @linos203
Is it a real app then? I couldn’t find it at my first round of troubleshooting, so assumed it was a part of the interface.

Fixed it! Don’t know how, however. Thanks for your suggestions @linos203

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