Inherited lots of unused postcards - do I use them?

I have inherited 100s of unused postcards from an elderly cousin. They belonged to her dad and are mostly from 1920s and 1930s. I’ve also got a whole album of mint postage stamps which are still valid in the UK. I’d really like to use them as I think my cousin would have loved it but I don’t know how people feel about recieving such old cards. I’ve thought about putting a paragraph on my profile explaining why I’m using old cards and a bit about my cousin. What do people think? Sample of cards below.


Some people will love them, some people will hate them, most will probably be neutral. I would use them, but avoid sending them to people who clearly won’t enjoy them, cause why waste a beautiful card on them?


I think most people will like them, I mean, a postcard is a postcard whatever year they were printed in ultimately doesn’t matter that much. (Unless someone states they don’t like ‘vintage’ postcards, for whatever reason.)


I spare those really old cards for profiles stating they love vintage cards. Have gotten some very nice hurray mails then :blush: It’s not a rare wish!


Oh, definitely use them. They’re interesting and different. (But with the proviso, as stated above, of sending them only to those who don’t say they dislike this kind of thing.)


oh that is so awesome. i don’t know if i could part with such old cards, feels a bit special. but if you can you definitely should.
i have to say i don’t like all vintage cards but that’s mostly because of different themes. i see a lot with people and buildings which don’t interest me much but your art cards are beautiful.
so yeah, just send them out to matching profiles if you feel like it.


Beautiful :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart:

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I’m so glad people like them. It feels right to me to use them. They have been sat in a box for 100 years! I think my cousin would like her dad’s cards to be released into the wild :grin:


I think it’s very cool and would love to receive such a card! Incredible how they sat in a box for 100 years. Now you can release them to other fans of postcards, where they will be seen and appreciated, which these oldies deserve :love_letter:


Use them!

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I think it’s very cool and I definitely think you should use them. If someone’s profile says they don’t want vintage then avoid it, but otherwise yes. And write about your cousin when you send them – a way to honor the memory of them. I inherited some postcards and stationery from my grandmother and mother and it always pleased me a lot to use it – it was a happy memory of them.


Those are beautiful! I especially like those yellow flowers! I think as long as someone doesn’t eat they don’t want vintage, you should definitely send them.

Check out the Vintage Tag and Vintage Round Robin also. Everyone there appreciates vintage.


When you say “What do people think.” Do you mean people who you are thinking about sending these cards to? Or are you looking for an opinion? If it’s the latter, my suggestion is to sell them as a lot. Vintage postcards from the 1920s and 1930s are sought by many people. You could offer them to a dealer, or you could even put them up on eBay yourself. Some nice pictures of the lot + a low starting bid…you may get some interest in them.


I think the cards are beautiful and you should use them for I’m sure they will be appreciated, especially by the vintage collectors.

@Lu72 first you have a sweet windfall, they are lovely -the yellow flowers is a beaut of a sight, I would welcome any of them but I am such a lover of moments frozen in time….

Absolutely use them. As others have said, I’d avoid sending them to people who might not love them, but there are plenty of postcrossers who would love to receive vintage cards and stamps.

Personally, I love these kinds of cards and know there are others who would be very happy to receive one. And of course, not everyone likes them, as I’ve come across profiles of folks who indicate as much. As the others have noted here, send them to those who specify they like older or vintage cards.

Including something about your relative on the cards when you do send them seems like a lovely idea :relaxed:
What a fun inheritance!

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These postcards are so nice. Most people would like them.

I know personally, I would love them, especially if you told me about how you came to find them. I am a lover of vintage cards and postage stamps. The old art like I can see in the picture is something I enjoy receiving in my postbox.

Hope this helps.


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