Indian Postcrossers 🇮🇳

Thank you for the info :grinning:

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Good morning,
I just wanted to share something beautiful…
This beautiful postcard IN-413752 from @bvdev234 was in my mailbox yesterday.

Mailed January 26, 2021 I am totally fascinated. The ways of the postal services are simply unfathomable.
Again, thank you for the beautiful postcard.


@Monika2019 Thanks for sharing :smiley::smiley:

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Any idea how much is India Post airmail rate for international letters (in envelopes)?

If you’re still looking for postcards on Indian theme, may have a look at dreamzcards

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@bvdev234 You can find the new rates under the ‘Tariff’ tab:


Thanks much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hey! Can i know whats the procedure of sending postcards. When i went to post office, they asked me to put the postcard in an envelope and stick the stamp worth of Rs. 40. Is it a new change in postage??

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@nihal1289 You can send the postcard as is, no need to put it in an envelope. ₹15 postage is enough to send to any international destination via airmail.

Hi guys… I am Sid… from Mangalore…

I have put a request for a new India x world tag…

Those interested in this tag… do vote and we’ll have a new tag very soon:-)


Can anybody please confirm where we can get best postal stamps in Delhi , INDIA.

The best place would be visit a Philatelic Bureau. As far as I know there are a couple of Philatelic Bureaus in Delhi located in Delhi GPO, Delhi HPO, Sansad Marg HPO, and Krishna Nagar HPO.


You can always get Commemorative stamps at Philatelic Bureau Sansad Marg HPO. It has the largest allocation of Commemorative stamps all over India.

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I am very new to postcrossing, and I have sent a card from Bangalore to the USA. But I did not write “By Air Mail”. What is the chance of getting the card delivered? How much time would it take?

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Meghdoot cards are now available at Delhi Philatelic bureau, purchased today 13 types of meghdoot.


Hi everyone!

I live in the United States. Each year, I try to learn about a different country. This year, I chose India, and I think that exchanging postcards could be a fun way to supplement the books, documentaries, and other resources I’m using.

Would anyone like to do direct swaps with me? I’d love to receive postcards that show your town, notable buildings, natural landscapes, native animals, cultural activities, food, etc. I will happily send you similar cards showing my region of Pennsylvania, USA.

If you’re interested, please message me. Thank you!


You can also purchase stamps online. Typically, the stamps that you would find at the Philatelic Bureau are available on the e-PostOffice website -


Even I am new to Postcrossing. I did not know about Air Mail vs Sea Mail. Hence, I had not written it on the Postcards but they have reached their destination including USA.

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Please DM me. I’d love to send you a card.

One of my postcards to China has expired.
Later on I read a suggestion on one of the profiles from Chinese nationality to print the address in Chinese instead of writing the address in English. So next time I am planning to do the same.